• Jacob Bishop

    How in the world did y’all come across the no porn apps one lmao

    • wicked4u2c

      Because we landed on 69 and it was kinda of obvious :)

      • Jacob Bishop

        Upsetting that I missed the 69 bit, good one :)

      • http://GPlus.to/Abhisshack Abhisshack

        hahahaha Good choice of number 69 , is it intentional or a co incidence ;-)

  • RarestName

    Maye you should take away the jailbroken part because a few of them are definitely possible with a jailbreak!

    • vosg

      Then the list would even be longer, as he would have to compare to a ROOTED Android device.

      • RarestName

        All he had to do was to remove that misleading word.

  • http://deuts.net/ deuts

    I’m still wondering, why do I need to do all that?

    • Jonathan Solo Dolo

      You don’t NEED to do any of that. Honestly all you NEED to do with your phone is make phone calls, but it’s nice to have the option to be able to do just about whatever you want to do with your phone.

      • Eric
      • robin

        Also 99% of the Android devices are cheaper anyway

    • Nickan Fayyazi

      If we’re going with what you NEED, why do you need a smartphone?

      • Sergio

        HEADSHOT!!! :D
        Nice one.

    • http://www.facebook.com/datkidfromawendaw Clay Johnson

      As the old saying goes by Franz Kafka, “better to have and not need, than to need it but not have. “

    • 1206549

      Then go for a 3310

    • vosg

      This is so typical. Apple fans never need the options Android devices offer. But, a few years later, when Apple copies it and calls it “revolutionary”, the iSheep drool all over it.

    • Tom-Helge Andersen

      No one is forcing you to use all of that. If you don’t want to use many of the things, then don’t use it as it wont be in your way.

      And it’s better to have alot of features in a phone as you most likely will have it for either 1 or 2 years. Alot can happen in that timeframe on what you actually might use.

      And it’s also a fact that you say you don’t need those things because you haven’t used it before. The second you start to use it and sees the benefits of it, it will be the second you can’t live without it.

      • cajhne

        Or 5 or 6 years. I still have all my Android phones from the beginning, and they all still work. I loaned my HTC Hero to a friend last week as a temp phone to use while he ordered a Samsung S4, and now that I have it back, it will resume duties as a network nannycam for the dogs in the other room. Still works perfectly after all this time. Compare that to my little brother’s iPhone, that just died after less than 3 years, or My sister’s iPhone 2nd gen that will not even work since the upgrades. She uses a Galaxy S2 now. It is fun watching iPad and iPhone users accidentally swipe up the new settings bar from the bottom while scrolling down a web page, get upset, and not be able to do a damn thing about it. There’s a reason why Android doesn’t do that out of the box. :P

  • Sergio

    D*mn I’m like I want to print the whole article and give it to every single person I know that has a smartphone, such a great compilation of things, this is tremendous!!! Keep going like that guys , the DROID effect is the sh*t

    • Raymond

      You shouldnt really as a large portion is incorrect. Ios has google now with cards, gestures and a bandwidth monitor for example. It has built in VPN functionality also and it allows for multiple gmail accounts. Those are just a few of the errors.

      • Sergio

        Well this commet is from 3 months ago, we all know that Google is making a huge effort to ‘invade’ iOS with its own apps, so it’s normal that they improve their own apps little by little, still you’d agree with me there’s still a bunch of true facts on that list

        • Raymond

          There are a few that are correct but so many that are not it would cease to be credible outside of the android blogosphere. I use both oses ( moto x and ipad ) and both have strong points but to distribute erroneous info like this makes the android community look duplicitous at best and ignorant at worst.

          • Sergio

            Could you please tell me which are the incorrect ones? , a friend of mine just got a 5s and I would like to check them personally

          • Dylan Hunt

            LOL he replied every time only minutes later, but this one *silence 14 days*. Raymond got owned.

      • http://petmeetsevil.com/ Albu Mihai

        If the ios screen locks then your VPN will also drop .. no special or hidden setting to avoid this.

      • Aaron Philipak

        Apple devices have shit for gestures. If you want a flagship phone that has quite a few gestures, look at the galaxy s phones

    • Aaron Philipak

      The nexus 5 can print a webpage dumbass

  • Jeremy Decker

    LOL When you have both platforms you just laugh at people who take time to write this shit.

    • http://www.facebook.com/datkidfromawendaw Clay Johnson

      Armando has these phones gifted to him for videos so he has iDevices and Android but clearly prefers Android as it is more open for users to do what they wish with it without requiring jailbreak. Apple makes things beneficial only for then while Google and Android OEMs make things beneficial for the betterment of Smartphone technology as a whole and because Android is Open Source, more phones will be apart of that, benefitting. I mean, I don’t see an Apple Maps app on Google Play, but I See tons off Google Apps and some are the top downloads on the App store right now.

      • AppleGeek

        This is b/c Google doesn’t money off the phone. Android is licensed for Free! Google makes their money off their users’ personal information. If you are an Android user, you are the product. Apple & Microsoft make money off the phone.

        • Nickan Fayyazi

          Um… what? Google makes money off of ads, not users’ personal information. They only use your information to personalize ads for you. Microsoft makes money off their users’ personal information; they actually sell your data.

    • EeZeEpEe

      When you have both platforms you can see the pros and cons and have a more educated opinion on the whole issue.

    • wicked4u2c

      LOL I have both platforms, I laugh at people who can’t accept the truth.

      • That_guy!

        Just ignore the troll. if you don’t feed them then they stop visiting.

        • AppleGeek

          Better yet let’s troll Apple posts on Technology news websites

  • dimnex

    Armando have you considered making a Vs Windows phone? Like showcasing a Windows phone and what it can and can’t do?
    If you search on youtube for comparisons all you see is people scratching the surface with things like ‘this is how the lockscreen
    looks on WP” and “this is how it looks on Android or ios” etc. They don’t dive in to the OS and talk about everyday usage for example.
    Like how’s the sharing with WP etc etc, to show the limitations. This is why your original vs ios videos are so popular I think. No tech site ever
    takes the time to break down the OSes and really show you what they can and can’t do and how do they compare to the other.
    So I’d love to see one vs Windows, even if it doesn’t seem like a threat . Kill this platform in it’s infancy and save some souls from buying in
    a worse platform. Because who is gonna break it down to them? The employ in a store? bah

    • koffiezet

      Maybe because Windows Phone 8 is actually a pretty solid OS, which takes application integration to an entire new level, the entire OS is built on the “contracts” concept. The major downside of Windows Phone is the lack of applications actually using the possibilities of the OS – which makes it very hard to compare any phone OS to it, since all “big” apps for WinPhone are pretty straight-forward ports of the Android/iOS versions without considering the OS-specific features.

      • Guest

        yes it;s solid, but i cant stand using it, however windows phones are great for people who dont have big expectations.

    • Lance Lee

      I have lost al hope for iOS after 7. It not a smartphone OS. It is only as smart as the new Asha platform, only with more apps. Unless they decrease the price to $300, I won’t buy. I am still looking out for WP though. I see a lotof potential in it. if it finally gets a lot of apps, I’ll give it a try or if I can dualboot on an Android. I also think that it is the best looking OS without customizing. It also has thebest camera phones. On the sibject of Asha though, it seems like a great OS for the low end market. It just needs a lot more apps.

      • Jakub Vantroba

        Poor WP has like no Google-Apps :/
        WP is actually good but I still prefer Android over it.
        Windows Phone is my 2nd choice, not crappy iOS..

  • Daniel

    did anyone forgot about sideloading?

    • YeisonPR

      I think the point 99 got that covered somehow.

  • Randy Jacob

    #79 Do iPhone even have an LED to begin with? #96 seems redundant. Haha. Love this list BTW

    • robin

      yeah you can use the camera’s flash LED for notifications under Accessibility

      • http://www.facebook.com/datkidfromawendaw Clay Johnson

        Yeah but it’s kinda dumb the way that is.

  • Rob Delaney

    On your complete list numbers that are wrong:

    4, 9, 39, 49, 60 (itunes (dot) apple (dot) com/us/app/id575923525?mt=8), 62 is an opinion, 63, 64 is vague, 70, 100 (when you couple iOS to iOS devices)

    • robin

      The fact that there’s a Google Wallet app available for iOS doesn’t mean you can pay using NFC. You kinda also need NFC for that…

      • Rob Delaney

        His doesn’t say Google Wallet with NFC does it. Also Google is changing wallet to be a PayPal competitor since there are quite a few people with Google email addresses. But if you were a real technology enthusiast who kept up with more than just one or two operating systems, you might know that

        • BlueHeart-d-illest

          when he said he taps to pay and iphone users try tapping, that is NFC. he doesnt have to say it

          • http://thatgeekdad.blogspot.com/ Rob Delaney

            Jesus late to the party much. This was eight months ago!

  • EeZeEpEe

    Didn’t even realize iOS doesn’t have a “No Lock” feature. I use my NFC sticker in my car to change my profile to a car mode that includes “No Lock”. I think that was 3 things I did in one sentence that iOS can’t do right? lol

    • Roca

      I’m sorry to say, but, with iOS, we just have to enter inside the car, and place the phone over there, and everything is done automatically after one time initial setup

      • EeZeEpEe

        Sorry but that’s not the same as what I mentioned in my previous comment. My NFC profile turns on Bluetooth, opens my car app, pumps up volumes if they were decreased or off, turns off the lock screen, and turns off data syncing (My personal preference) all with a tap. You’re only talking about connecting via Bluetooth.

  • Rahul Srivastava

    Has Google Now, Had 360 Panorama before Photosphere came to life, Has Does not need to transfer apps to SD, Has DSLR support, Has a data usage monitor and app usage, has Inbuilt VPN Support, Does not need third party apps like Cerebus because it has “Finf my iPhone” even before Android existed, Has system maintenance tools, Can change profiles based on location, Can backup apps on iCloud, Can assign commands to the phone (IFTTT), Allows multiple Gmail accounts, Can disable app vide data usage, May not have 6 different ways to unlock the screen but has the best way to unlock, Can Find out in detail how your storage is used – apps like disk usage,
    has voice control, Can download files to phone, Makes People happy, Has a barometer, Doesn’t need a back button, Doesn’t need caffeine because you can always set screen timeout, Can stream Movies from HDD, Has better dev support than Android, can boot into safe mode.

    And many more issues with the list!

    • http://www.facebook.com/datkidfromawendaw Clay Johnson

      You hear that?

    • http://people.ign.com/spillner82 Spillner82

      Google Now for iOS is a shadow of what it is on Android. It does not have 360 panorama built into the camera app, “does not need to transfer apps to SD” why?, Cerberus is superior to what iOS offers, profiles does not work like it’s supposed to like on Android where you can change them at the press of a button, best way to unlock the screen is the one the user decides not Apple, you can not download files and browse them in iOS, you have no file explorer, “doesn’t need a back button” said no newly converted Android user ever, streaming is not the same as using external storage, does not have better dev support than Android, was that a joke?

  • febLey

    There is no file manager in iOS

    • Josh McMurdo

      that is the big one for me

    • Rui Nelson Carneiro


      • Gr

        Jailbreak needed.

        • Rui Nelson Carneiro

          Like so many things in the list that do need root.

          • Dylan Hunt

            like what lol? You can even download superuser without rooting your phone.. free directly from the app market (official app!). If you need root for one thing, there’s an app work-around on Android. Your point is invalid.

          • RecalcitrantOne

            What Superuser are you downloading from the Play Store that doesn’t already require root access?

          • Hoek

            no sir you are incorrect, Android does these things standard without a root.

          • grundy923

            There is nothing on the list that needs root.

        • AAG_1

          It’s not required if you have a computer.
          Because you can plug in your iPhone into your computer and then open iFunbox and edit the phone’s files!

          • Trevetrev balboa

            @aag_1:disqus You need a computer to do that… on android i can download a file manager and do it on the go… not needing a computer to do that… thats why i like android os

          • xavier savoie

            Samsung Flagship Android devices come with a file manager. So does the kindle fire.

          • http://allandelacruz.com Xacto01

            So to browse files on ios, you have to buy a computer?

          • Randy Jacob


  • Ali Tweel

    I’m translating this to Arabic!

    can I add something?
    + Smart stay, watching your eyes and not turning the screen while you read.
    + Turn you phone into a pc by connecting it to a HDMI display and a wireless keyboard/mouse
    + Read videos as they are without converting them along with the srt files and the galley will read them whenever you put them in the device or the ext sd card.
    + you don’t have to use your pc to sync ringtones, just copy/download them and use them immediately.
    + auto-backup your photos/videos to your google+ and ability to share them immediately from there.
    + if you are on Samsung then you will get free 50GB storage on Dropbox for 2 years!

    + In some countries the contact numbers must be written in international and local numbers to be able to see the contact names, not in Android.
    + integrate your contacts with the social networks apps you have.
    + can clear one notification instead of all of them.
    + delivery reports for sms
    + custom vibrations.
    …and much much more!!

    I know 100 is very few! and I can keep going..

    • Raymond

      You can get delivery confirmation of sms in ios , set custom vibrations , autobackup to google plus and download ringtones without a computer in ios.

      • Tiggerbiggo

        All those things were on android before iphones -_-

    • Roca

      Whatever you said, are copied from iOS by the android :P

      • Hoek

        wrong, some of his list can be done on iOS but only a few. Apple is yet to implement most of these.

  • Aaron Rieke

    yes but how many users know how to do these 101 things? I want to know because I will be switching from WP to a note 3.

    • Jonathan Solo Dolo

      If you don’t know how to do something but you want to you can always apple it………. oh, sorry, I meant Google it.

      • Andrew Zoll

        Ignorant. Why bash Apple for not wanting to compete in one of the areas in which there are already a plethora of excellent choices? Honestly, who needs another search provider? What would be in it for Apple other than more headaches from vehement Android fans looking for some sort of flaw in everything Apple does?

    • vosg

      Armando has some really excellent Tasker tutorials on Youtube.

  • Jonas Hüsser

    I have Google Now on my iPhone. Just Download the App from Google in the Playstore. It works as good as on my Nexus

    • Hugo Pinto

      Not even close.

    • EeZeEpEe

      Yes it’s only missing notifications, email guests for event, nearby events, “Google” wake voice command. And it can only be accessed within the Google Search app because it cant replace holding home for Siri.

      • Jonas Hüsser

        But it’s not the problem of apple, if it don’t send notilifcations. Google can develop this.

        • EeZeEpEe

          Maybe so but just pointing out how it’s not as good of an experience as on your Nexus.

          • Jonas Hüsser

            Yes, That’s true. But for this point, the title is false. Then this is Not somthing iOS can’t do. It’s somthing Google forget to implementate. It’s like I would say “I can’t use Siri on my Nexus.

          • Priyank

            I don’t think Android users want Siri as Google Now is more use full and more informative then siri and being an Indian best part for me is Google Now understand our accent which unapologetically Siri can’t. And thing which matter for me is that where ever I go, google now shows me near by restaurants, places to visit, multiplex with current movie showing and timing and list is very big even considering I am not in US

  • WormwoodSilver101

    Now lets make a list called “100 things android still can’t do ‘
    1…………….I can’t find any…………..
    It’s nearly perfect……

    • 1206549

      It can’t do my chores for me.
      **As he read that sentence, some Japanese guy immediately takes out a pen and paper and drafts a design for an Android powered… wait for it… android!**

      That’s the cool thing about Android. If there’s something it can’t do, you know that it will be able to do that pretty soon.

    • AppleGeek

      Do 64bit processing, keep your info from Google, give you in-store support on all models, not have your phone obsolete in 3 months, tablet optimized apps…

      • http://people.ign.com/mrfrodo24 MrFrodo24

        64 bit processing – Useless without 4+ GB of RAM
        Keep your info from Google – Who cares? They aren’t the only ones keeping information. Carriers, manufacturers, and other search engines all store and even sell your information.
        In-store support on all models – That’s neither here nor there. Samsung is working on this, but it’s not a necessity, nor does it have anything to do with the OS itself.
        Not have your phone obsolete in 3 months – How is that a bad thing? That’s called choices. Enjoy the choice between 5S and 5C…
        Tablet optimized apps – You’re joking, right?

        For the record, I have owned a Macbook Pro for 2 1/2 years now. I love it, and I think OS X is a fantastic desktop OS. However, Apple’s iOS is crippled, and has been for 2-3 years now.

        • Roca

          aaaaand FYI: Useless without 4+ GB RAM??? You know the architecture of a system? It doesnt matter… however 3+ GB ram, needs 64-bit :P

          • http://people.ign.com/mrfrodo24 MrFrodo24

            It does matter. With 32 bit addressing, that gives you 2^32 bytes, or essentially 4 GB of addressable memory. A 64 bit system is redundant unless there is more than 4 GB of RAM available to be addressed. That is how it works.

          • Roca

            Thats only for the memory, and there is with the processing power too! 64-bit are capable of performing faster calculations on large nos!

          • http://people.ign.com/mrfrodo24 MrFrodo24

            Actually, having 64 bits when you don’t have the hardware to support it can hurt processing speed.

            The bottom line is that 64 bit chips are completely unnecessary for phones at this point in time.

          • Roca

            what you said is not correct.

            and In that case, it would be useless for quad-core/octa-core processors…

          • http://people.ign.com/mrfrodo24 MrFrodo24

            I’m a computer science major dude. I know what I’m talking about.

            It kind of is useless (see Moto X).

          • Roca

            No its not, and im a CSE! I too know what im talking about!

          • http://people.ign.com/mrfrodo24 MrFrodo24

            Alright man, whatever you say.

    • Priyank

      But its a good idea, we have to be fair even if we get 1 or 10 maybe

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    Today my friend came and told me he can update apps in background with his iPhone 5 and iOS7.
    I ROFLED so hard…

    • vosg

      You mean .. they coudn’t do that? You’re kidding, right?

      • Vardan Nazaretyan

        They couldn’t do that till iOS7.

        • AppleGeek

          Who here loves paying full price for phones to avoid bloatware & to get timely OS updates?

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            I do, at least. Besides, you can get a Nexus phone off-contract with the same price as an iPhone on contract.
            Yet, you get a better screen, OS, SoC, battery, NFC, no-bloatware+Apple crapware + Nexus devices get updated FASTER than iPhones. Android 4.3 was announced, the updates started rolling out the next day. iOS7 announced at WWDC, 2 months afterwards people start getting updates and you get all this 100+ things that you don’t get with an iPhone.
            And who like to pay 700$ for a bitten Apple logo? I don’t, and most of the people visiting this awesome blog don’t.

          • Priyank

            You are right, I am using Nexus4 and the experience is amazing I am going to buy Nexus5 for my gf and will gonna buy Nexus6 for myself as I don’t like home screen just full of dead icons :p

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            A happy user of an HTC Desire S here. It’s does lag sometimes but it’s certainly better than the iPhone 5S, and it’s already 2.5 years old! My sister owns a N4 and is very happy with it(her first smartphone BTW). If my phone dies someday, it’ll be hard to choose between an HTC phone of that time and a Nexus of that time. But I can’t go wrong with either one.

          • AAG_1

            It lags because you have a virus. You must install an Anti-Virus. I recommend AVG or Dr. Web (I use AVG). If you already installed it do a full scan, It might take a while but if it says there’s no viruses that means you have many apps or files in your device. If it not because that, That means you have purchased your device from a not good store. I have purchased 5 devices from a store and they all are cool devices like GALAXY S4 and GALAXY Note and Motorola XOOM and 2 iPhone 5S and they all always freeze (lag) (Freeze doesn’t mean it starts getting colder, It means it lags) and crashes. (the device stops working and turns off)

          • AAG_1

            Only buy a device from a trusted store.

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            Man listen, if I were to buy a device from a not trusted store then I wouldn’t be sitting here and replying to your comment. It’s that simple.

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            You gonna be kidding me right? It lagged because it was freaking 2.5 years old with the same tech. Nothing to do with stores or viruses. And I know what freezing means when it comes to OSes.

          • AAG_1

            No, Seriously.

          • SoftwareGuy

            That’s some bullshit there. While it is uncommon to get viruses on android, one must realize that with every update of Android, it can put extra load on the processor, which results in lag or there is something, like a background process, chewing up CPU cycles. And pfft… AVG… Get BitDefender or go home. :P

            If they always crash or whatnot it can also be hardware problems. So don’t always assume its a virus.

          • Billy

            Maybe you should actually know what you’re talking about before saying things.. His problem is that its a 2.5 year old phone and the RAM and the CPU isnt enough anymore to keep up with more and more apps and the OS gets optimised for later devices. Its very rare to get a virus on Android, especially if you only download from Play store. And buy a phone from not good store?!? WTF does that even mean. If its a legitimate phone then the store has nothing to do with anything. If you’re buying fake branded phones then what do you expect?

          • Marfos

            101 u cant install antivirus,Just because u don’t need it….

          • Raymond

            So 200 ( on contract iphone 5s price ) is more than than 350 ( off contract price for nexus) ? Oh about the updates… 4.3 was in development and anounced moths proir to release, they just didnt have a press conference. Ios is released on the same day for all supported devices.

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            I was comparing off-contactpierced. Not everyone buys a phone on a contract here overseas. And nope, they announced 4.3, Nexus devicesgot update the next day.

          • Raymond

            No you were not comparing the two . you said ” you can get a Nexus phone off-contract with the same price as an iPhone on contract. ” That was erroneous. You have a point with jelly bean but then google messed up that streak with kit kat which has been anounced for quite some time now and is just rolling out as of the past few weeks.

          • Vardan Nazaretyan

            How much does an iPhone 5S cost on contract? (max capacity) Like $349 or $399 (don’t live in the US, thus don’t know the exact price). The same will cost you a 16/32GB Nexus 5 off contract, and it’s still better than the iPhone.

          • xavier savoie

            Dude he was just proving a point. You might end up paying 500-700 dollars for an iPhone off contract, when you could just spend 200 dollars on a nexus four, or 300 on a nexus 5 off contract.

        • Prith IV

          LoL, background updates were from iOS 3 ..!! I think your friend must be new

  • https://play.google.com/store/search?q=kodiak+211 Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

    Steve Jobs wanted to go thermonuclear on Android, it never happened… @wicked4u2c:disqus / Armando Ferreira went thermonuclear on iOS with out even trying… :) Good job Armando, I added the list to my arsenal and I’m locked and loaded for the sheep…

    • Guest


    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      You just hinted me on saving this list to go to TechnoBuffalo and fight the trolls there lol! Thanks!

      • https://play.google.com/store/search?q=kodiak+211 Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

        I think someone already used it on TB…lol

        • Vardan Nazaretyan

          lol :D

    • Jeremy Decker

      Get a life dude. Its not that serious. ITS A PHONE NOT A SPORTS TEAM.

      • https://play.google.com/store/search?q=kodiak+211 Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

        It was a joke bro… Even Sports teams aren’t worth fighting over… But it doesn’t mean I won’t like shoving this in a trolls face…

    • Jakub Vantroba

      “Armando Ferreira went thermonuclear on iOS with out even trying”
      Haha you made me laugh!

      Android is really awesome that’s fuckin’ right..

      ” I added the list to my arsenal and I’m locked and loaded for the sheep…”

      You’re a funny motherfucker! :D

    • John Weidman

      You need to get a life.

  • MikieMc73

    Gotta bring up the fact that you also have multiple manufacturers on Android, as well. Which means more brains figuring out how to accomplish the things we want, like the Android powered android. ;)

  • karam

    Armando! I love you man. I think I’ll bookmark this and show to every Apple fan.

    • vosg

      Beware, their Safari might crash :-)

      • karam

        haha. I hope so!

        • AppleGeek

          Apple fans don’t care! Apple blazes trails & Android follows. I bet finger ID, 64 bit processing, & BLE payment will be popular next year on Android.

          • Priyank

            Do you know what you are talking about??????
            Please go and re-visit IOS7

          • dxxxd

            Android had fingerprinting ages ago… Till they realised that it is a bad idea…. What if you hurt yourself and your friend goes to call an ambulance with your phone… Oh they can’t…. What are you keeping on your phone that needs a fingerprint to open it?

          • Laura Weiss

            you can call an ambulance even when the phone is locked. you can scan diffrent fingers on ios. i am not an apple fan, but applegeek says some right things. but in my opinion it doesn’t matter who came with the idea first, it matters how usefull it is. the fingerprint locker is the worst kind of protection, you can collect fingerprints really easy… just think about a keyboard or a “touchscreen” this means: when the person that locked the phone with fingerprint locker, won’t he give away his fingerprint by just touching the phone!

          • Bob Bobby

            for fingerprint id please go see htc one max

          • Hoek

            kinda like how Apple now has widgets (half arsed i must say), pull down notifications and many other things Apple has copied from Android over the last couple of years. I heard the iphone 6 will get NFC, bigger screen and some other Android features also, you may have been correct in what you are saying back in 2009 but in 2014 Apple is playing catch up big time.

  • Dave

    Awesome list. Great site!

  • Franz Reischl

    You forgot LiveWallpapers. This is what got me on Android way back.

    • Brian Shieh

      Apple “created” the dynamic wallpapers

  • http://chromebookguru.tumblr.com Jason C

    Google integrated Google Now into the iOS Google search didn’t they?

    • Brian Shieh

      Yea. I think the Chrome browser can also be set as default on iOS from the app. Google is slowly (in some ways) taking over iOS again

  • Axe

    Awesome job, Armando.

  • Jeremy Decker

    This makes no sense…only certain android phones have removable batteries and expandable storage. Alot of these are redundant as well. If your going to compare android to iOS then its going to have to be one version of android. You cant just fragment everyones features and think thats fair. It should be stock nexus android to iOS that would be fair. And if you did that half the list would go away. So dont get to high on this list.

    • Hoek

      You are kind of correct, Android does do all these things but the phone manufacturers pick and choose what they want to use from Android and its features. Even if half the list goes away like you said its still 50 reasons and thats enough for me.

  • Mazz

    Spot On mate…i am a sworn Android dude myself :D

    101. iOS user’s can’t eat KitKat’s anymore. hahahaha love it!

  • John Chorley

    A good and fairly accurate article :) I love using Android it offers 100 more things than iOS :D …. oh there is one thing an iPhone can do that an Android phone can’t …..crash.

    • Andrew Zoll

      My years as tech support would seem to contradict your comment.
      Android: 95% of calls = “this is broken, fix it.” — 5% of calls = “I don’t know how to do this. Help me do it.”

      iPhone: 5% of calls = “this is broken, fix it.” — 95% of calls = “I don’t know how to do this. Help me do it.”

      Most common issue for Android phones? Crashing and freezing. Why? Poor memory management. Perhaps iPhone users want a phone that just works without having to clear cache and data on apps/wipe cache partition/master reset all the time.

      • Hoek

        It would be nice if Apple didnt hide its crashes though, most the time you dont even know the iPhone has crashed because Apple hide it from you, atleast Android specifies what has happened so you can look into it, not just hide it from you and hope it doesnt happen again.

        • Nimrod Uriel

          …that’s the very same thing i try with my whole soul to make my friends using iphones to understand, hiding something does not mean it didn’t happen, but meh!!!, they want to believe the bad apple…

  • Jaka Aria

    what about Samsung Multiwindows. Or TouchWiz SmartClipboard, that allow you copy separate text again and again without afraid current copied text, replace another one. And then select which text you want to paste. Even I don’t know a PC has a feature like this

    • Hoek

      I love multi windows! one of my favorite features, now i can play youtube videos while texting at the same time and many other multi tasks.

  • Jason Edokpa

    No Pokemon?

  • ADR 

    this difference between Default iPhone and Rooted Android device ?
    You Made me lough so loud Bro JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

    what if Jailbroken iPhone vs Rooted Android device,, ?

    iPhone 5S have all on this article, and thats all is better

    • Bob Bobby

      name one.

    • BlueHeart-d-illest

      actually no, this list is default iphone and NOT Rooted android
      and even a jailbroken iphone still cant do everything here.
      still no hdmi out, usb otg, hd resolution, wireless charginghide apps, face unlock, IR blaster….the list goes on

    • Hoek

      wrong, a jailbroken iPhone gets close to the stock standard Android experience but still falls behind, a rooted Android device will blow a jailbroken device out of the water.

  • Peter Lowe

    No porn apps lol

  • Jovani Hernandez

    With android having an open file system, is the reason why android accounts for 92 percent of all mobile malware

    • Hoek

      Nope its because with Android you can download apps from elsewhere other then just google play. Some are not careful when downloading apps etc from other places and this is how they become infected. Its like for example being able to download apps from other sites besides itunes, you run the risk of getting infected, some might think this is bad but i feel being free to source from anywhere is great as some of the great apps i use are not available on google play, you just have to use your brain and be careful.

      • Nimrod Uriel

        …maybe the guys using ios are not fully accustomed to actually use their brains, as they think their (not so)smartphones’ll do everything for them…
        (…but shooosh!!!, keep it quiet, we might wake some brains here!!!…)

  • Justin Hubbard


    This is seriously the stupid fucking list I’ve ever seen in my life.

    The iPhone 5s is one phone that runs iOS 7. Your comparing a single phone to the collective whole of hundreds of Android phones, all with unique features that even other Android phones don’t have. Boom Sound?? i guess you shouldnt buy the GS4 since its lacks it…

    Seriously. How come when new Android phones are released, Apple fans just look away because their smug in knowing they love their device But man every time a new iphone is out, the android nerds come out their basements with pitch forks in hand trying to convince themselves that the iphone is bad out of their own insecurity.

    I mean, the fair comparison would be iOS 7 vs Android 4.3 or iphone 5s vs any single Android phone, but you cannot have all “100” of these features on one single Android phone and no one carries around all these phone for these features.

    plus also, this is full of inaccuracies:

    1. App integration with Operating System….. Uhh Facebook and Twitter are intergrated. Debunked

    4. Google Now (with card notifcations)…. i have google now and I have SIri.. I think iphone wins since we have both.

    6. Widgets…. iOS has widgets via the notification center with weather and stocks, the accurate statement would be 3rd party widgets.

    9. Photosphere (panorama) – without the use of a third party app…. We can do this via 3rd party and why the fuck does 3rd party not count??? Your list is full of features from 3rd party apps

    10. USB host – USB OTG…. umm on iPad if you buy the adapter, you can view both USB pictures and transfer them also works with SD Card.

    Then the list starts getting ridiculous and just stupid nerdy shit that is from 3rd party apps mostly and that most Android phones cant do.

    But this one is funny.

    39. Allow multiple Gmail accounts on one device…… Dude, I can set up multiple Gmail accounts in both the Apple mail app and the official gmail app, which by the way looks far better than on Android.

    And this is all coming from a dude who has owned 16 android phones. I bought the g1 on day, I rooted it. I installed Cyanogen before their was a website and following. I bought ever nexus device ever released and just got fed up with the inconsisten ugly Windows-like mess of Android. the bloatware, the OEM skins, the updates that never come… the feeling that I had to hack my fucking 600$ phone to get it to work right. Alll drove me to iPhone just like Shitty as windows drove me to Mac a few years ago.

    Android has become the Windows of the PC world. thats not a compliment.

    • Tom-Helge Andersen

      You said: 1. App integration with Operating System….. Uhh Facebook and Twitter are intergrated. Debunked

      I say: That’s not the point. The point is that peoples want to share many things via other things than just Facebook and Twitter. What about Google+?

      Oh, you debunked your self.

      You said: 4. Google Now (with card notifcations)…. i have google now and I have SIri.. I think iphone wins since we have both.

      I say: Why have 2 when you can just have one, that is Google Now witch is way better than Siri now?

      You said: 6. Widgets…. iOS has widgets via the notification center with weather and stocks, the accurate statement would be 3rd party widgets.

      I say: You clearly don’t get the point with widgets at all do you?

      Oh, can you remove those widgets in the notification bar on iOS if you don’t want to use that and want to use like a Google+ or a clock widget there?

      You said: 9. Photosphere (panorama) – without the use of a third party app…. We can do this via 3rd party and why the fuck does 3rd party not count??? Your list is full of features from 3rd party apps.

      I say: Basic things like this should be in iOS out of the box. Just sending everyone to the AppStore just to get something and just simply handicap the whole iOS just because of that is not the most clever way to go forward.

      You said: 10. USB host – USB OTG…. umm on iPad if you buy the adapter, you can view both USB pictures and transfer them also works with SD Card.

      I say: Witch adapter is this?

      You say: Then the list starts getting ridiculous and just stupid nerdy shit that is from 3rd party apps mostly and that most Android phones cant do.

      I say: You are wrong here. This list is taken out of what a Nexux 4 / Oppo Find 5 can do. You are just crying because you have realized how freaking bad iOS is when it comes to choices and functionality.

      You say: And this is all coming from a dude who has owned 16 android phones.

      I say: Yes, and by owning 16 Android phones, i’m pretty damn sure he knows what he’s talking about.

      You on the other hand can’t do much more than just cry here.

      • Justin Hubbard

        I responded by the mods never approved for whatever reason.

        Any way, your comment and this list is junk.

        But PS, I’m the dude who owned 16 Android phones. You read it wrong.

        • Trevetrev balboa

          so if you own 16 android phones, then how do you say this list is false even though it is true. 16 android phones… Gosh u mean 5-3 phones along with all the other phones that were broken…. i see.

    • http://people.ign.com/mrfrodo24 MrFrodo24

      I just want to say that the reason you can compare Android to the iPhone 5S is because all iPhones run the same OS and perform the same functions. As a matter of fact, the 5S has slightly more features than other iPhone models running iOS 7 (e.g. AirDrop). So by comparing the Android OS and all its entities to the 5S, you are by extension comparing Android to iOS 7; a logical comparison.

      Also, Android is not the Windows of the PC world. It’s much better than that, and seeing as you’ve owned 16 phones, you should know that.

    • Bob Bobby

      yeah the list is comparing android with iphone 5s because all iphones do the same shitty thing. Other than the fingerprint scanner(which we do have on android) name one thing that iphone 4 can’t do but iphone 5s can.

      1. about app integration i dunno cuz i never used ios :p

      4.why have 2 when u can have it all in one

      6. LOL u obviously don’t understand what he meant by widgets. lemme ask u a question: can u put a email, gmail or even calculator widget?

      9.that’s because there are some things that u can do with third party android apps such as tasker, but u can’t do those things on ios neither by stock apps nor third party apps


      and about third party apps: at least we can do those stuff with third party apps but ios can’t

    • BlueHeart-d-illest

      1st EVERY feature on the list is a feature of android. some manufacturers just decide not to use some but all are android supported. so this is a iOS7 vs kitkat list. ofc no one phone does everything(maybe) but regardless everything here is an android feature, that isnt found in iOS7

    • Hoek

      app integration, Facebook and twitter? thats it? thats all you can do? haha no debunking here, just ignorance.
      Widgets in the notification centre is kind of pointless dont you think? maybe you prefer that, so be it.
      So you think the iphone is better because you have siri and google now but think the iphone is better because you are only limited to have app integration with facebook and twitter, i guess by your thinking then Android is better as we have app integration for a long list of apps.
      So some Apple users claim Android copied the look of IOS then we have you claiming that Android looks like windows, so which is it? honestly, all smartphones these days are very similar in looks on the screen, you have a wallpaper and app icons on the iphone and then android has widgets, i guess those widgets make it look like windows?

  • Ruthless007

    What a load of nonsense. Are we talking about smartphones? Or are we talking about 32-bit PC’s with a Bill Gates WinTel mentality of yesteryear?

    I’m still failing to see the point of implementing “ground-breaking” features, with no real-life purpose. I mean, connecting a mouse to my smartphone? HDMI cables? Run as a host server? WTF!!

    • Hoek

      typical iPhone user response, look through the comments, it comes up agian and again, “what do i need that for” “theres no real life purpose” nah they just spent money and time on these things for nothing because everyone is just like YOU and wants to use their phone just like YOU, god forbid any uses their phones differently to YOU.

  • keldorn

    on IOS 7 if you are in a call and:
    -you receive a SMS, the sound from the call will be dropped and the SMS sound will play. There is no way not to hear the SMS tone, unless you put your phone on silent via the button on the side. My old nokia phone, in the same circumstance, it muted the SMS tone AND auto opened the SMS, so i see it after i end the call. bwahahahahaha
    -your alarm clock sounds and there is no way to stop it from ringing while in a call. yes you can stop it AFTER it started to ring, but not before. Not even putting your phone on silent, via the button, works. The alarm will ring and it will be anoying, you will hurry to stop it. On my old nokia, if the alarm sounds while i am in a call, it gets automaticaly muted.
    -basicaly i can say the same thing about -any- event that has a sound warning, while in a call. They all make the call sound drop, they play their own sound, then return you to the call. really really dumb.

    -you cant play an mp3
    -you cant set an mp3 as a ring tone
    -you cant set a ringtone longer than 30 second, even tho in my country, the actual ringing before busy tone is 1 minute
    -you cant add a single music file to your playlist from a friend’s computer
    -you cant add a video file to your play list from a friends computer
    -you cant print except to airprint printer
    -you cant really use any bluetooth headset

    this list is getting too long, i will stop here.

    • Hoek

      itunes is much to blame for some of those things, itunes, what a POS that is, one of the main things that steers me away from Apple.

  • abksharma

    I bought a 1.2 ghz quad core, 5inch, 8mp camera, 1GB ram, double SIM, graphics chip, 1280*720px…every app runs like hot knife in butter. MONEY SPENT: 9000Rs.= 142 USD….IF I GO TO BUY IPHONE IN INDIA
    its 42000 Rs. = 664 USD. I will have to sell my Kidney to buy Iphone 5C.

  • Jason Parker

    100+ features. but maybe 5-10 are actually being used. rendering all of these “nice” features utterly useless. yeah, I gotta admit, android does have things that are better than iPhone. also, iPhone does have panorama even before iOS 7, without downloading a third party app. obviously, whoever wrote these 100 features that iPhone does not have forgot to do actual research. Another one, a person can find more pornographic apps in the android market, than he or she will in apple app store. Also, just because the majority of androids have removable batteries doesn’t mean all of them are like that. to name a few, moto x, droid razr maxx, HTC one x, etc.

    P.S. an iPhone can outlast any other androids out there. simple is genius, not the other way around.

    Android would’ve never been around if not for the iPhone. >=]

    • AppleMinions,☞,BowDown

      800 million active users, over 1 billion activated. It’s a little far fetched to believe only 5 to 10 of these features are being used. And the uselessness is subjective. Because what you may find useless, others would find it as a godsend. Classic iFan comment! And a iPhone can’t outlast the Note 2!

      • Andrew Zoll

        Maybe, maybe not. But it can outperform it, even if the Note 2 is using steroids to alter test results.

    • BlueHeart-d-illest

      you are aware that android was started in 2003 right?

    • Hoek

      ah the good old “but these features are useless to ME” yes to you, what about the billions of others out there or do you think the world only revolves around you and they only make features for you only? Photosphere, do iPhones have that? its not panorama and its not a 3rd party app which i think you are implying here.
      You mention all those phones but the article is about comparing to OS’s so that comment is irrelevant.
      As for an iphone lasting longer, that is not a fact, thats your opinion. I have two devices bought at the same time 2009, an iphone for my wife and a galaxy for me and my galaxy is outlasting the iphone but thats just my experience and i wouldnt be ignorant enough to claim it as fact.

  • Andrew Sheng

    LOL #69 is No Porn Apps LOL

  • Dhanesh Kannadasan

    Some people fear a lot when it comes to sercurity. I’ve also noticed some minor bugs which then become a major. But before I leave that point I must say that are Apple phone experience might be best for teen unless they’re more mature or nerdy or so on but to my point don’t think I will put up to this.

  • Patrick

    so can someone tell me what Android phone can do all 100 of those things? cause clearly you’re compare the iPhone 5s to 101 Android phones that can’t do all of those features on one device

    • BlueHeart-d-illest

      if you read the title carefully you can see it says “android can” and not a specific device. so its really a iOS7 vs Android list

    • Hoek

      The article isnt about a specific device its about comparing the two OS’s. But im sure rooting your Android device no matter which one (except if it doesnt have an IR blaster etc) could do all of these.

  • Netwern

    They have Airdrop though, it’s same like Wi-Fi Direct.

  • lolololol

    iPhone still can’t get viruses. lolololololololol. inb4 downvotes.

    • BlueHeart-d-illest

      google it, they do

    • Hoek

      how wrong you are

  • catallie dean

    you guy’s need to do your research again lol apple does have Bluetooth mouse , apple TV & other cool things and yes we can use Google on our iPhone’s

  • Bruce Wayne

    This list is authentic. But answear yourself following questions:
    How long is the list of core-features IOS 7 can and Android can’t? (find an Audiointerface and Sequencer Software on Android, Quality apps etc..)
    And Secondly:
    How many of that features do you really like to have?
    x Use a bluetooth mouse (dafuq??? :) This is what a touchscreen device is for?)
    x Always Listening (Moto X / AutoVoice) (Yeah, why not some unnecessary akku-drain.. (NSA: “easy.” :))
    x Control Televisions (why would I want to do that? Every TV has a much more practical remote with hardware buttons…)
    x Air Gestures (Am I the only one who doesn’t need that sh**? Also I don’t need fingerprint unlock stuff, but thats a practical timesaver at least..)
    x No Porn Apps: the last thing you would expect spyware from, isn’t it? And that on the device you are giving your full trust with phone numbers, locations, eb_anking and so on?? Really??
    x Change system wide font size: iOS7 has that
    x Dual User (NO THIS IS MY SH!T go away other users!)
    x Run Ubuntu (Yeah, we all wan’t this ‘supreme’ and ‘touchfriendly’ OS on our P H O N E S… )

    I think I could go on killing all items on your list, well, maybe not all, but most of ‘em. But now question yourself, turning on your mind and thinking, what is it I REALLY need from my device? :) Maybe you are that Sumsang Galexy S 25 User, totally. But maybe, you’re just the iPhunny 5sggsg user. But maybe all that should not be a kind of dogma, that you foist on someone or even all people you meet.

    peace! :)

    • BlueHeart-d-illest

      im just gonna pick this apart real quick
      “quality apps etc…” this is so inspecific it hurts

      x BT mouse, when I connect my phone to my tv but dont want to have to stare at the screen when i have a huge display infront of me i can connect a mouse and sit back and have a giant android.wont have to keep looking down to see where im pressing, just point and click, plus i can connect a BT keyboard for the full experience

      x always listening doesnt drain the battery for the moto x or any other optimized device, and the NSA can actually listen in on any device, even if its turned off once the battery is charged, so thats invalid

      x tv controls, at my university there is a tv in the food court but the office with the remote closes early, so when a big game is on you can just whip out your android and turn the tv on and change the channel.and no the cable box doesnt have buttons so no remote means no tv

      x air gestures, no your not the only that doesnt need it, no one needs it but its a time saver, just like fingerprint scanners

      x porn apps, believe it or not but not all porn apps are spyware, furthermore it takes the same effort to put spyware in a porn app as it would any other app

      x good to see this has made it to everyone :)

      x when you have kids and they wanna play with your phone I guess you okay with them having access to call and text ppl, and use up your data :)))

      x i guess you cant respect that some people might want it :/

      with reference to your conclusion, you asked what is it you REALLY need from your device, well thats just a hypocritically iSHeep response, you all just reply with “i dont need that feature” lol a smartphone isnt about what you need but what you want.otherwise donate your iPhone and get a nokia 1100

      deuces (y)

      • Hoek

        haha another one that “i dont need that feature” like the phone makers only make devices for THEM and THEM only. Dont worry Apple will eventually get it then you will think its the bees knees, thats how it usually works.
        Also Blueheart i also enjoy those features, hooking up my phone to a large tv and using a mouse and keyboard makes my phone become a PC, and not only that but with all the emulators and games i have its also a Sega, all the Nintendos ever made, ataris, playstation and the great thing is all these devices are on one device and all the games are also and you just plug in to a tv and away you go, you can even use a bluetooth remote to play these games, thats a massive feature for me.

  • Kenneth T.

    I can put a comment on almost all numbers on that list. But the Header alone shows how much waste of time that wold be.
    “100 Things iPhone 5S Still Can’t do Android Can”

    Next time try sit down with your friends and then think hard about how many things on that list is Android and NOT product specific or app specific.
    And maybe do a little research to be sure that the iPhone can´t do what you claim it can´t.
    And maybe… just maybe consider finding some new friends?

  • august

    i think a jailbreaked iphone is mutch better than al androids. i think that you can download mutch amazing apps on cydia that i has feuters i can’t do whit an android…
    this is the reason i bought a iphone 5s instead of my old s4

    • ThePandemicMoon

      You can also root android and do the exact same features, but that’s not what this article is about. Plus, jailbreaking voids your warranty.

    • BlueHeart-d-illest

      name 10 jailbreak features android doesnt have

    • Hoek

      an out of the box Android can do most of what a jailbroken iPhone can do without voiding the warranty, and a rooted Android well that just blows the iPhone out of the water jail broken or not and im pretty sure a rooted Android these days doesnt void the warranty.

  • Roca

    From the video on youtube:
    1) App Integration: This guy is an idiot… its there, and i use it all the time!

    x) Multiple accounts: Its a phone or public device?

    From the list: (randomly selected for now)

    14) Apps that allow gesture based control: I just cant imagine the level of his stupidity! Its been there since iPhone 4

    22) It’s certainly there!

    24) Run Ubuntu? Why in the hell?

    27, 28) For what ? if he means silent/loud, two basic profiles are more than enough…

    25) Its a PC or a phone?

    10) A,B: No SD business here
    C: Gadget/APP(for free :P) is available, and can do everything with it…

    36) iPhone’s file system is way different, they didnt want to comprise on speed and efficiency… SD card use is more vulnerable to these…

    37) Certainly i did replace my battery on my iPhone… 2 screws, job done!

    38) Its not a pendrive for godsake

    41) It is there… but under the option child lock!

    34) It has its own… highly efficient… only except for the app Apple Maps… Though google maps is available

    43) U can, and i’ve done it.

    47) OMG>>> i do it all time

    49) I did messed around with it, it was fun

    53) TouchID

    57) ever heard of SIRI

    63) We just want it to be simple!

    71) Seriously? did that technology even got invented?

    66,67) would love it, but sadly i agree, but not all android phones have these…

    76) Present!

    78) Yea, exactly… one word, simple… you just listed same things differently different times!

    88) Again… same things, differently, different times! Siri!

    84) Private apps available, and data monitor itself is inbuilt. or u get SMS notifications…

    85) Wireless option is available or gadget wil work

    87) What the heck? thats the basic!

    82) Who are they? why do we want an android-only developer for iOS… we have similars!

    89) No need of safe mode… its never goes faulty enough for such! The entire system is different… thats their speciality… Both iOS and Mac OS

    94) Its certainly not needed… it will handle itself!

    100) Not needed… and we no need to control other iOS devices… Everything is delivered to everything… love that feature… just goddamn love it… dont know when i’ll be having all Apple, and will experience it myself… Till now just seen it on skype and friends telling me about it…

    86) entire app is available as trial if you want… and there are grace periods option too…

    69) fuck you… i’ve seen many, wont comment on using them

    72) Dont know what it is

    58) Not only televisions, but my PC, and many other stuffs

    81) I use it at nights when im at bed!

    56) Adobe is not ready to develop one… The one you use from android, you have to root, and is a 3rd party different one… we have different method for that…

    55) Its my phone, why do i wanna hide… i would just put them in a folder… and i’ll lock it… certainly, apps are available…

    51) iTunes Radio

    44) yea right… two ways is just not cool enough… i need the ability to draw pictures, faces, diagrams, dance on the phone????

    30) Literally against bluetooth data transfer… iStore is more than what u think… Safe and best!

    5) true HD? we have more than that!

    8) you dont need… we ran a test, i typed faster than my fast typing friend.

    7) Poof, my god, everything is just 10 points and you just listed it different times… its not a freakin pc…

    9) oh really? check yourself!

    • BlueHeart-d-illest

      hahahaha I love how many you argued by simply questioning if its a pc hahaha pathetic, when they 1st put cameras in phones im sure idiots were saying “is it a phone or a DSLR?” your argument everytime you typed that is therefore invalid

      and dont get me started on the trademark iSheep catchphrase “we dont need that” hahahaha

      so many fails in your list i couldnt keep track but just from what I can see without scrolling
      30) when your friend takes a pic and doesnt have network connection(for w/e reason) Im sure you can find the pic in iStore.
      5) actually you dont, true HD is measured by resolution, even normal HD is higher than retina display much less True HD lmao

      I cant remember which # this was but yea wireless charging is very common, you obviously just raged here and didnt do research before commenting

      • Hoek

        haha these Apple users come on here and just embarrass themselves, like really, this guy/girl really thinks their retina display is better then todays Android HD screens haha Apple marketing is amazing how it brainwashes. And yeah the good old “we dont need that” response, it was used many times here in this persons response, that only gets said until iPhones get it then its unbelievable!! or they have a lack of brain to comprehend that others out there in the world may use those features.

  • alien45

    “It would send a text to the wife that I was on my way home when I left the geofenced area I set around the office.”

    The power of home ministry! :v :v :v :v :v

  • Trevetrev balboa

    Why i hate apple in general… They are a recipie company so they take stuff thats all ready there in the world and make something “supposedly” better. but its still crap anyways…

    I mean why is there just one main design of the iphone or the imac or the apple tv. on android phones theres thousands of designs and models.

    also i hate apple because when they take ingredints thats allready there, they sue the original maker of the company for lots of money thus resulting in low income of the original company, i mean really, i have never seen a cornered beveled android phone or laptop. i have never seen aluminium beveled laptops like the apple products elsewhere.

    ask yourself this , has apple “REALLY” invented a product…. the only products they really ever made is the display port on multiple devcices and the aluminum laptop cornered design… thats all… The Apple a6 chip… INTEL chip, the retina display, samsung, the old apple rectangular cord, PALM….

    Yes i had an iphone 1st gen but i hated it so much, it was so slow, none of the apps i liked, video and file support was weak at most so i switched.

    Yes i understand that people want simplicity on phones and gadgets because they dont know shit about technology but you can download an app on android that enables “easy mode” ig launchers and kids mode.

    But at the end you can learn your phone, it takes 3-4 days to get used to it….

    before i rant for another 4 hours, ill stop talking about this, thanks for reading this. if you have any questions or replys email me at mista.t007@gmail.com

    im not going to fix my spelling mistakes so fuck off

    • Michael Jay Boslin

      “recipie” – Recipe
      “ingredints” – Ingredients
      “aluminium” – Aluminum

      “devcices” – Devices
      Among lots of horrible punctuation.

      You Sir, are the dumbest person I have ever had the privilege to read after. Your rant, along with the article itself, is the biggest collection of morons on one page – it’s almost like web-gold.

      I would go ahead and assume that due to your lack knowledge, your bank account must be on that downward spiral as well.

      The last iPhone you had was released on June 29th, 2007 and you base your whole Apple opinions off of a 7-year old device..? Are you f**kin retarded!?

      The apple user-base does not welcome idiots, and idiots tend to be poor… Apple is intended to be used by affluent and educated people of society – not half-baked retards like yourself, buddy.

      Keep up the day-job though.. We need people like you to feed the loser-companies that push out these horrible Android products.. If it weren’t for you simple minded folks, Apple would be accused of a Monopoly since the rich and powerful people of the world only use Apples.. Have you watched TV and seen somebody who is successful..? Note that they are 99% of the time wielding an iPhone. Watch the Southpark documentary which covers their creation of the Episode 1 of Season 15, called, “HumanCentiPad”… They explain that 15 years ago, crappy Window’s/Android based stuff made their life a living hell – now they run only Apple, and they swear allegiance to Apple because they are the BEST.

      You are probably too f**kin stupid to listen to reason or fact, which is why you like Android.

      Goooood Luck in life bro!!

      • Hashim Jamal

        Like i said, people who have bought this crap (iphone) go in d mode of embarrassment and tend to justify their action by boasting things about iphone.

      • Hoek

        The marketing is decieving this guy big time, look at some of the stuff he has written haha he sure feels like he is better then everyone because he owns an iPhone and is why he is so pissed at a write up like this.

        First he attacks a user because of spelling? haha
        then goes on his rant about bank accounts haha
        this one takes the cake “Apple is intended to be used by affluent and educated people of society” haha oh he also mentions how one is poor again because they dont own an iPhone
        Then thinks that the phones you see actors using on tv are the actual actors personal devices not devices that have been given to the show itself by Apple for marketing reasons, if you watched anything but US tv you would notice how wrong you are.
        Loser companies only make Android devices? Sony, LG, Samsung etc are loser companies? wow theyre are some of the most successful electronic companies in the world, i guess because they are successful they must be using iPhones right?
        Only the rich and powerful people of the world use Apple? all i can do is have a chuckle at this one, you honestly think that?
        Yeah southpark is a good source for information, im sure many of the rich and successful people of the world watch that show for its informative information smh.
        Im sorry but there was no reason or facts in your rant, just a bunch of dribble that gave us all a laugh. This article does have facts in it though, theres nothing made up here like your post.
        So your whole rant really meant nothing except that iPhone is an image thing to you not usability, you have given no technical information as to why its better except that only poor people buy Android.

    • Hashim Jamal


  • Swindie

    Reason “No porn app” is number 69?

  • Shaun Staley

    What some people don’t realize is that android is based on a PC building software linux which is why it so easy to work with and very highly compatible. Some one just took the idea of linux and turned it into something that just conquers all. IOS will never do that because it isn’t designed that way. 64 bit IOS oh wow I’m impressed, but what good is it if it can’t be fully utilized. For pc fanatics know what I’m talking about when I mention linux. Android operates in every way like Linux but with some enhancements every now and then. Android phones have a gpu like a computer along with a cpu that is far more powerful than apples m7. Like the gpu it takes tress off of the cpu so the the cpu can work on other more important things. So it’s all summed up to what OS can handle and unfortunately for IOS7 isn’t very much. IOS is designed around the iphone thats it. Android will always be better for the simple fact that it has the compatibility of a pc which is such a wide range of things. So Armando I hope this helps out.

  • http://www.melissaweblog.com Mrs Mitchell

    Hey what do you think about the new amazon fire that is an android, in general I just need a phone to function as a phone, check email, and take and upload pictures for my blog, but for the big bucks I like the screen, I just would like to kick all of the unwanted apps off they take up space better reserved for a few work files, pictures, music or books

  • Autumn

    Was a good list but you lost me at no porn apps seriously? How trashy do you have to be? Thanks for confirming my reasons to stay with apple.

    • Hoek

      yeah good reasoning, writer put some humor in there at number 69 and it went right over your sheepish head.

      • Nimrod Uriel

        …poor guy!!!…

  • Rianne Olde-Keizer

    Emmm yes we can take panorama’s. Just saying.

    • Hoek

      Photosphere? nah didnt think so, just sayin. But i heard the new IOS will have it, bit late but, Android has had it a couple years now.

  • rob

    What about having a completely blank home screen for screenshotting nudes from 500px to save for photophase wallpaper?

  • Mary Bacon

    69 cracked me up. I’m dying laughing

  • http://batman-news.com dan.c

    I tried the 5s from tmobile and bought a $99 optimus f6 because it had ten times the functionality for 1/5th the price.

  • Nathan Arom

    Many of these “things iphone cannot do” are not truth. First of all, why do you need an hdmi on your phone? Use mirrored function airplay, to your laptop or many other devices such as your tv. You can try apps for free. Many of the paid apps have a lite version. Try it, like it, buy it. Different versions of google maps? What for? Please explain? . Yeah you can control TVs with your built-in ir-blaster using an app from google play! So does iphone using directv for example. Yes you can change size of font ( visual impaired works the same, but you already have a big brick as a phone ..) ah yes! You can have multiple users in iPads! And many of these actions are pointless for me. I use my iphone for work mostly. I don’t need a porn app on my phone. I have office for iOS from Microsoft on my iphone. Keep going? I wanted to stay away from this article but I had to research if all these actions were or weren’t available as the author says. I am not bashing anyone. I’m not an android user. But please make sure to actually try the product, not just read about it.

    • Leo

      Airplay forces you to use either a Mac or an Apple TV, Android is cross compatible thanks to DLNA, Miraplay, Chromecast and DisplayPort. No strings attached

      • Hoek

        True, thats why you have to buy ALL the Apple products to do this, they want to milk the s^&t out of you with over priced goods you can buy for half the price under a different brand name. So this guy found 5 or 6 things that may be kinda similar to what Android does and says the rest are useless because HE doesnt use them haha always the same responses from iPhone users, “many of these actions are pointless” haha, until the iPhone gets them.

        • Leo

          Indeed “until the iPhone gets them” like the notification pull-down. What’s pathetic is how they firmly believe they did it first

  • Hashim Jamal

    This iphone is a highly incapable device, iphone manufacturers are fooling people, and when one buys the iphone, he doesnt tell to anybody that how he got fooled by buying this crap, to justify his buy…

  • Hashim Jamal

    People say iphone is very fast, guys when u dont give any feature in d phone, why will it not run fast…

  • Hashim Jamal

    Iphone makers are very clever, they know iphone cant handle high hd videos, so they blocked all d ways to put videos inside iphone, only way to send videos to iphone is via itunes, and itunes cleverly reduces the size and resolution of d video, , ,

    • Hoek

      sshh the Apple users dont know this and your going to make them cry or come up with an excuse.

  • Ryan [4570-9151-7257]

    xD #69. No Porn Apps

  • eds

    If android are indeed better than ios, so why you ever bother thinking, writing and wasting energy and time with all that stuff?? We are consumer, it’s up to us where our money will be spent on. You don’t judge things by people who don’t have the same idea as you are as a wrong thing. If you are so great, why don’t you make your own os and compete with other?? And if you wanna think again, which os came out first, and why android is familiar in many ways to ios? Blackberry is a good os then android coz they have their own unique different way of feature and stuff. If i recall, the first ever built android os and handset is copying blackberry and even worst, after seeing iphone 1, they change all the way they look or copycat of ios? Cmiiw

    • Hoek

      I wouldnt say much about copying seeing as though thats all Apple does these days to stay afloat, even though what you have said is mostly incorrect anyways. Also why not write up this article/blog? I found this because as a consumer id like to know if one OS can do more then another, i searched and it brought me here and im glad i found this because it just proves to me even more how much better of a OS Android is, i didnt even know it could do half of that stuff and will now look into using some of these things to make things a little more easier. Thanks to the person who wrote the article to making us users aware.

  • Edward Moye

    the iphone 6 now incorperates a barometer

  • Amielkennedy

    I don’t understand why someone would spend this much time doing this list. At the end of the day you use what you like and stop convincing others to use something they don’t like.

  • Amielkennedy

    Some people like choice. And God knows android has that covered. But some people would rather the company make smart decisions for them. When I was on android I hacked and customized to my hearts content. But, with apple I just enjoyed the phone.

  • anon

    …iOs user can’t eat Lion…

  • HackerTosh Freze

    Let me see what arguments are there for all the 100 ???

    1. Nope no argument but I can still use photos app ??
    2. You got an option to open the proper app on the iPhone
    3. Fulfilled by iPhone 6
    4. Why would you want google now when you have siri on the iphone
    5. Fulfilled by iPhone 6+ with 1080p resolution
    6. Why widgets when you can get statuses all from your notification centre on the iPhone.
    7. No arguments

  • Blake Hendrix

    How do you do all those things you listed above the video? Any suggestions on how to escape the atmosphere of crApple? How many of my apps/ data will transfer when I switch to Android?

  • AngelSatan

    So android is quote bloated

  • HackerTosh Freze

    Some of em souldnt be in the list , some/one of em even ios can do

  • grundy923

    Lets be honest here, there is no Android phone that can do everything on this list. Some of the things on this list only apply to specific manufacturers which are obviously mutually exclusive.

  • HackerTosh Freze

    Some in this article shouldnt be there anyways , one of em was able to be done on te ios system . Example : No.19 .. VPN settings on iPhone is on Settings >> General >> VPN .. Its integrated and no jailreak required :D and no.69 , THERE ARE PORN APPS ON GOOGLE PLAY !!

  • Bren Patriqe

    Your points,10 A & B, are kind of obsolete (given that, it (iPhone) doesn’t have any removable storage. You might as well just make a separate point, namedly, “No SD (or any other memory type, for that matter) Card slot”.

  • Joshua

    What I want to know is why do Android phones need 2-3 times the amount of RAM and battery power to equal the smoothness and battery life of iPhones? I’ve used both iOS and Android. I love both but there are things that I dislike about both os’s. Neither one is perfect and without its flaws. Also, I hate the spec wars going on right now in the world of Android. Why do I need more pixels than my eye can see. As for smartphones in general, just give me a bigger battery without adding power hungry features and hardware that I don’t really want, and I’ll be happy. BTW, I am on iOS and don’t hate it, yet I am not an Isheep that drools over Apple products that come out. My main reason is because I got burned out and bored with Android’s customizations when the whole point of having a smartphone is the apps. I even heard an android central podcast where they made that statement. We have smartphones to use apps.

    So my point is, if you want to spend more time using apps than customizing the platform that the apps run on, iOS is probably the best for you.

    I don’t fault anyone for using Android. I love it. I just don’t have the time anymore to waste on customizing my phone. I’d rather be productive and use my time wisely and actually use the apps.

    I still follow what Google is doing. Where Android is going but I’m sick of each phone company trying to out do each other when it comes to specs and hardware. Me, personally, I want simplicity and choice. I want a simple OS that opens and runs apps. When it comes to choice, this is where iOS utterly fails and android shines. I don’t think we’ll ever see a day, however, where we can basically pick and choose a device and then pick each hardware component in it. There are some android phones that are lacking just one or two things that would make it the perfect phone. The HTC One M8 comes to mind. I love everything about it except the huge height and bezels and the so so camera.

    I think the jury is still out on the Nexus 6. It may make it as my device to get next year once the hands on reviews start showing up.

  • Amanda Panda Gibbons

    Just wanted to say this really helped in argument with a friend (apple verses android) (I am pro- Android)

  • 486DX50

    Would be cool to see the updated list compared to iOS 8.0.2