• Niral Ramesh

    Totally agree; when apple improves, there will be competition and that improves the consumer experience

  • RarestName

    I’ve tried out iOS 7 on an iPad 2 and it was so buggy that I don’t think I will upgrade my iPad to iOS 7.

    I will keep my XBMC and ProTube Extension on iOS 6.

  • Mark

    As far as the case goes, it’s exactly that, a phone case. Why does it matter that the logo is partly covered? All my cases for my Nexus phones covered the “Google” logo completely. Now if you’re talking about it being partially covered, that’s another issue, but it seems you’re taking offense to it being covered at all. Is it because it’s a case made by them? If Google made their own cases, would it be an issue when they also covered their logo?

    • Aaron Hoen

      I understand what your saying but I think he means that the logo is half covered. IMO it should either be completely covered or should have an open space to show the entire word, not just “hon”

      • Mark

        I have the same opinion, but with Apple’s love of symmetry, i don’t know how they would have gotten away with it or if it would look worse that it does now, if that’s possible

    • http://people.ign.com/spillner82 Spillner82

      The issue I have with these cases is that those holes will be filled with dirt and debris in about a day. Leaving the back of your iPhone with a nice dirty pattern to enjoy. I suspect many iPhone users who get this case will regret it, as they will be cleaning the back of their phones regularly.

      • Mark

        I think those cases are ugly as hell, though i don’t think it’ll get that dirty that fast. Unless you work outdoors or in construction, but I’m pretty sure you’d get fired from the construction job site if you pulled out a pink iphone lol. My phone lives in my pocket and my hand, neither of which get real dirty

    • sam5887

      u missing the point here…he talking about
      ‘APPLE who have the best hardware device in the world…the most polish, elegant, and beautiful’
      but suddenly missing the detail who they really pride of

      • Mark

        How does an exterior case affect the “best hardware device in the world”. I’m not missing the point at all, I understand what Armando is talking about, but it is a phone case. “Who in their right mind would cover the name of their product?” implies Armando doesn’t like the fact that they have their name covered. How does an exterior case affect the “best hardware device in the world” as you put it. I think you’re missing the point of my post. There are thousands of cases out there, if you don’t like it, buy a different one. If you don’t want the logo covered up, don’t buy a case at all. Any other case you buy will have the rear of the phone covered due to it’s nature of being a phone case. I think they did just as great of a job upgrading from the 5 to the 5S as Samsung did upgrading from the S3 to the S4 yet noone on here will talk about Samsung not being innovative. I will say that I’m not a fan of ios7 and they should revamp it again from the ground up. I will say that Apple has taken a step back from being the company they were when Jobs was around, but I still am a fan of their products and Android as well. But I’m not a fan of Samsung who seems to make the exact same phone over and over and over again, they may disguise that fact by making some big, some small, some just media players, some large enough to be tablets. (Previous owner of the original Galaxy, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy S3)

        As a previous Android user for 5 years, and currently an iPhone user, I will be the first to point out flaws in Apple’s hardware and software ie, not having a separate lte chip to “talk and surf” and the mess they made with ios7 along with some other issues. Are you able to bash Samsung for their lack of innovation? It seems that Samsung is the leader of the Android race, yet they haven’t come out with a new product since the S2. Neither has Apple by the way, iPhone 4, 4S=same phone. iPhone 5, 5S=same phone

        Do you judge a computer hardware company because you don’t like one of their desktop cases? Do I think NZXT is a horrible company that doesn’t strive for excellence for all their products because I think their cases look horrible? (using nzxt as an example, I’m not a huge fan nor am I a hater of their products)

        I do take solace in the fact that Apple’s marketing campaign only highlights their own products, while other companies feel the need to bash Apple’s. Specifically Samsung and Microsoft.

        Sorry for the long post and tangent

        • Tyrone Thomas

          While the similarities with Samsung may be valid, remember that Samsung and other similar high end Android phones already have a kitchen sink filled with features that allow the user to customize their device to their liking. Android no longer needs to “reinvent” their devices from year to year because they are already feature filled. Apple on the other hand after releasing what they call a “revolutionary update” to their OS pretty much functions EXACTLY THE SAME as it did before. This was a great chance for them to innovate and they pretty much didn’t all. So while s3 and s4 may be quite similar there’s no need for Samsung to reinvent anything because Android already has enough features for users to choose from. It is Apple that is truly in error here for making nearly zero changes to the functionality of their OS.

          • Mark

            So by your reasoning, Samsung never needs to update their phone because Android is feature filled. I’m sure you’ll be happy to have an S4 10 years from now as long as Android keeps evolving, right? I hope Samsung never designs a new phone for your sake.

          • Tyrone Thomas

            LMBO clearly that would tomfoolery. It is much more likely that Apple will be in the same place 10 years from now based on their previous devices and slight OS changes over the years. My only point was that from a feature stand point there was no need to “revolutionize” the S4 in comparison to the S3. Nobody said anything about 10 years from now. Look at even Android as whole that has been on point releases since 2011 (4.0 to 4.4 next month). Clearly from an Android standpoint there has been no need to “reinvent” the wheel for the past two years as I said earlier they’ve got everything and the kitchen since in terms of features and customization. So for them it’s the right time for refinement. That being said I’m sure Google and all the other OEMs are going to stand still for too much longer with Android 5.0 to come at some point sooner then later. Even Samsung with rumours in the last day or so pointing to flexible OLED display devices coming soon point to changes for Samsung.

            But iOS7 on the other hand looks to me like an attempt by Apple to answer the question by it’s naysayers that it has stood still, or has “looked the same for far too long” and needs to change in some way to show they are still innovating and bringing something “new” to the table. The core problem that caused this post to be created to begin with is that Apple changed nothing when they were in the perfect position to bring something innovative on the software side to the table and all they brought is paint and actually ruined somethings in the process.

            I was actually really looking forward to seeing what they were going to bring to the table because at the end of the day I love tech no matter who makes it. So with that I question whether iOS7 should even be called iOS 7 when really it looks a lot more like iOS 6.1. If the s4 needed to be so much different from the s3, what exactly is it missing?

          • Mark

            I never said the S4 NEEDED to be different from the S3. I just stated that is was not different, just as the 5 and 5S are not that different. Yet when it’s “Apple” it’s blasphemy, when it’s Samsung, it’s ok because Android is cool and customizable. Apple is held to a very double standard. I’m a tech junkie who happens to have an iPhone, not an Android Fan Boy that see’s no wrong with any Android phone manufacturer and hates Apple with all my core.

            I appreciate Android and loved customizing all my phones (flashing roms, tasker) It seems that people must hold Apple to a higher standard than every other phone manufacturer because if they don’t come out with something Revolutionary, they are a horrible company that has no future. I believe that Apple will have smaller steps since they no longer have Steve Jobs, so they will be on par with every other phone manufacturer. Android and Apple, in my opinion are both great companies.

            I’m not here to bash Android, which I have not done. I just stated facts about the S3 and S4. I am open minded and wish that everyone else would be also in this Google vs Apple war. Just because you like Android doesn’t mean you have to hate Apple. And just because I love Apple doesn’t mean I don’t also love Google. I never feel the need to bash Android, I love Android, I also love Apple and feel the need to defend them at times. I know “iSheep” got a bad rap in the past, but all the Apple forums and blogs I frequent now only discuss their own issues. I feel like the criticism has shifted and now Android fans feel the need to bad mouth Apple.

            There’s enough market share to go around, unless you’re Blackberry, who we can all agree sucks, right? lol j/k. So while both companies get rich off us, why can’t we just appreciate the pro and cons of our own? And everyone on both sides needs to stop being haters.

            This will be my last post on this subject.

          • Tyrone Thomas

            Who said anything about hating Apple (I sure didn’t) …..I have an iPod Touch and an iMac….I just simply expect better from them at this point (especially if they boast about innovative new software that is anything but)…..and why shouldn’t we as consumers. I mean it’s our money right. And yes I agree wholeheartdly on the BlackBerry point lol. This is my last post as well.

          • Tyrone Thomas

            Furthermore at least the interface on the S4 is “finished”. This article has shown just how unfinished iOS is and for a company that produces “premium” products it’s really a let down. I dont disagree that the s3 and s4 are similar, I just don’t think from a software standpoint that the s4 needed the huge revamp that the 5S should have benefited from a clearly failed attempt to revamp iOS.

        • sam5887

          -just a case u said?? who make that case? is it original case or cheap(fake) case??? n u said its not ruined their image?
          -(about computer case) yes IF that nzxt always braging about how beautiful their case, how they make evrything to a perfection n how ugly n cheap their competitor case are.
          -(about samsung not inovate) yes ur right,
          their new product not impress me by much…just an upgrade spec…
          but thats not what this article talking about.
          this article talking about how apple upgrade their OS to FINAL but have so many annoying bug. if its only a bout security bug its ok but not with this IOS7 case.
          looks like they dont have much time to perfected this OS.

          • Mark

            This article is mostly talking about the ios bugs, but isn’t there a section at the end where he talks about the phone case?? That was what my post was originally referring to. Now forgive me if I misinterpreted the part about where he posted “Take a look at the case for the iPhone 5C, the word “iPhone” is covered. Who in their right mind would cover the name of their product?” I assumed he was talking about a phone case. Or since it was at the end of his post, does that not get included into the context of the blog?

            Also when I was upgrading to Froyo and Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich FINAL releases, I had some major bugs. Not connecting to 3g or 4g networks and wifi connectivity issues. So let’s not go and say that every software release of Google has been perfect. Look in the mirror before you point fingers.

            ok seriously my last post lol

        • Josh McMurdo

          i gotta stop you on the s2 comment, as a user of the s2, s3, and now s4. I can tell you with absolute certainty that each phone is an improvement on the last. from the screen resolution, to the hardware, to the s features that to some are gimmicky, but to me i use quite often. Each new phone adds to the previous model. The same cannot be said of the iphone. they are minor updates, that do not warrant people to fork over boat loads of cash just to have the “new” iphone. Samsung btw has done away with the bashing, and now highlights their own products. The s3 commercials were bashing apple, not denying that, but they worked. Those commercials put samsung on the map for alot of people, really making the s3 the breakout phone for samsung. That is why microsoft is doing it now as well.

  • Not1Not2Not3

    Its over for apple! As soon a Steve Jobs died so did the company. R.I.P. crapple…

  • Armando Ferrero Rocher

    This proves it.

    Armando is obsessed with iOS 7.

    • Ñapa Pedro Castro Alvarado

      Me too, I’m obsessed with technology like Armando more than against apple, I loved when it was challenging for android to keep up with Apple’s amazing products, I do want that these 2 companies head to head competing for the best products in the market, guess who wins (US) I have no problem on switching to an IPhone if it became better than Android, but I don’t see that happening in the near future.
      Good luck to Apple fans ¡

    • Jeremy Decker

      More like obsessed with Apple. Its really getting bad.

  • Pieter Uys

    I thought that an upgrade is meant to be an improvement. I have had a company issued iPad for about 6 months, and thought that the 3d apps were quite classy. iOS 7appslook like they were designed by 6yr olds.

    • Josh McMurdo

      i sell tablets and phones for bby and that is the number one thing said about ios 7, that a 6 yr old went rainbowreffic on it

  • gunuganti adithya

    Ipad mini

    • http://people.ign.com/spillner82 Spillner82

      Look at that nice boring grid of icons

    • Syaiful Amri

      Ugly arrays of icons and folders

  • Karlo

    Happend few times today (icon dim) on my iPad3.

    • RarestName

      Tap and hold on an icon. Quickly enter multitasking view and then go back to the home screen. Dim icon. This is also the prerequisite for the folder in folder glitch.

  • Ñapa Pedro Castro Alvarado

    I don’t use my iPad very much, I did upgrade to iOS 7, and play with it for a while, I noticed lag on the task manager or multi task option, where some apps got frozen for a while, definitely slower than previous iOS.

    If I noticed something else, I’ll be addressing this issue.

  • TheBeeNet

    It is truly amazing how most of the tech sites are glorifying IOS7 as the best os and user experience over Android and other companies. Yet only a few pointed out these problems. It is almost as if they are trying to elevate ios to the former status when it first came out in 2007. But everyone knows if Steve Jobs were around this half baked product would have never come out until it was superb. One may ask, who is pushing Apple to excellence now that Steve Jobs and even Scott Forestall are no longer with the company? Some checks and balances are missing. This is not the Apple I remember. Other questions would be, what are Apple fans, users, and enthusiasts going to do about this? Just let it be? Come up with excuses to defend this substandard product? Act like it does not exist? Claim that a bug fix is coming? Or become vocal and demand better from Tim Cook, Jonny Ives, and Apple?

  • Xsportdfence

    Interestingly enough, I am not able to duplicate ANY of these issues. I will be the first to admit that the UI is a bit “childish”, but I can’t find an issue to save my life. I’ve put apps with notifications on the top – they are far enough down that it does not cause an issue. I’ve used the timer – my status bar text is black. I’ve used multitasking – never had the overlap. I can’t get an app to grey out at all (except when updating). Etc., etc., etc. Although there are some new functions and UI changes to get used to, honestly the only thing I can find “wrong” with iOS 7 is that when you turn on the “Invert Colors” option, it does that on EVERYTHING – photos included. That seems like a bit of an oversight. Otherwise, seems pretty solid. I can’t ague with the screenshots, but would say that some of them may be earlier versions / non-native apps? Just some thoughts …

    • wicked4u2c

      Depends on the device you are using. Heck even my daughter found a bug, I posted it on G+ an hour ago – http://goo.gl/RGbjrY

      • Xsportdfence

        Good point – I’m running on a iPhone 5

    • A-nonymous

      Same here, couldn’t replicate most of the problems mentioned but the icons graying out, some icons do gray out randomly for no reasons! Also there is a LOT of lag when pulling in the spotlight search after a reboot or after a lot of time not using search and even after that there is noticeable lag in bringing the spotlight search. Also I noticed sometimes there is a lag in bringing up multitasking menu and navigating around it! :| I’m using it on my iPad 4th gen btw…

  • R_Pipkin

    Know how much time I spend worrying about android problems each month? About as much time as it took you to read this…

    Only an idiot would think the reason is android has no problems…

  • Jacob Bishop

    I’m surprised you didn’t use the Microsoft Xbox turn around as an example considering it’s apples rival.

  • ksavai

    Now they will come out with iOS 8 which all polished interface. (without adding any functionality) and retina iPad mini. –> someone need to say them this is how is should be last year.

    With every release of iOS I feel they are year back with the competition. This would be brilliant if came last year with notification and quick toggle.

  • ksavai

    all news about how fast everyone adopted iOS 7 but i want to see satisfaction ratio for iOS 7.

    I dont want to compare with android or WP but just compare with previous apple releases and realize where company is going.

  • http://aisjournal.com/ Aminul Islam Sajib

    Okay um why am I seeing mobile version despite being on a desktop computer? The view full site link on the footer does not seem to work either.

    • Vlad Vintilescu

      This has happened to me many times as well….

  • Johan Winchester

    i figured it out with my friend’s Iphone4. and i keep quite, i mean what should i say?

  • Mark

    While I haven’t experienced any of the bugs you mentioned, one issue I came across are some third party apps still show the ios6 keyboard. Not being a programmer, I’m not sure if that’s an issue with ios7 or the 3rd party app

  • Kloge Aage

    Apple arrogance !
    “Tim Cook, CEO of too-big-to-fail Apple took the opportunity to kick the rotting corpse that is Nokia just a few microseconds after a deal between Microsoft and Nokia was announced. Said Timmy, “I think [Nokia] is a reminder to everyone in business that you have to keep innovating and that to not innovate is to die.” The problem here is that Nokia did innovate. It’s Apple that has been lagging behind for years.

    This is of course coming from the CEO of the company that released last year’s iPhone as this year’s iPhone plus a paint job and whose biggest innovation on their latest flagship was to add a second light bulb to the flash that no one uses”.

    The problem is, that the majority of media people, still worship Apple uncritically. Most media people, tell over and over and over again, that Apple is the best and most innovative company. The problem is ignorance, most media people, do not know much about Android OS. We have to share on the internet “”Things like 100 thing that iPhone 5S and 5C can not, as most Android mobiles can”” We simply have to teach media people, the new reality about Android.

    • Karlo

      Correct me if im wrong.
      Didnt Steve Jobs did same whit Apple 2 back in nineties and company fall apart and almost bankrupt?

  • http://www.youtube.com/lordstickmax LordStickMax

    i am not an apple hater. i love that i can give apple products to my parents and know i will only suffer an occasional headache instead of constant tech support. Also, i kind of like the iPhone 5c. if i didn’t hate iTunes so much i might get one. However, it really seems like apple needs to find its footing again. Not releasing stuff is sometimes the best action and a company like apple should know it. look at Microsoft, look at surface. it might have taken a long time and there aren’t a ton of apps at launch but it was a quality product. If not for the current market saturation and service loyalty it would have done a lot better financially.

    • vosg

      I agree. I’m an Android fan myself, but the 5c is kinda cute. If it was cheaper (can’t get it on contract over here), and most of all, if it didn’t need iTunes, I’d like to get me one too.

  • gavin foyle

    100% agreed. I have the highest end iPad 4 and it’s a leggy mess. Apps constantly crash and my shit overlaps everything. I hate iOS 7 even with the best possible iPad hardware.

  • https://twitter.com/Firehawk305 iPrimal

    My sister’s iPhone and iPad have both been losing wifi at random times. Both run iOS 7, and have no prior history of wifi problems. Meanwhile my old iPhone 4 running 6.1.3, and my Galaxy S4 are running great on wifi. :)

  • Jeremy Decker

    First Chris Pirillo is NOT by any stretch of the imagination is a “Apple evangelist”. Second iv had iOS 7 for months and Apple has improved it a ton since beta 1. Is iOS 7 perfect?? No. In day to day use (and i use my phone alot everyday) these problems are not an issue. Sure there are bugs. Is it as polished as an Apple OS should be? No. Is it the end of Apple? Not even close. Apple sold almost double the amount of 5S’ to 5’s. The performance of the 5S is on par with Apples upgrade periods. Iv had iOS 7 on my iPad mini as well and its not a problem. People preaching doom and gloom are crazy. I mean hell more than half of you havent even used iOS 7. Use it for yourself and come to your own conclusions rather than take other opinions on it.

    • That_guy!

      As much as I’m not a big fan of Apple, I’ve found iOS7 to be pretty crappy compared to iOS 6., Atleast 6 was more stable other than Maps. We’ll see if 7.0.2 fixes the issues with the sluggish 7. And Chris Pirillo is a huge Apple fanboy/zealot. I’ve been keeping an eye on him ever since he took over to Leo Laporte on Call For Help. Chris ruined that show because he has No freaking clue how to use them or troubleshoot. And I’ve watches a few Live Streams of his “show” just to get a feel for how he’s evolved since then and while he has improved he’s still a diehard Apple evangelist.and makes no apologies for it.

      • Jeremy Decker

        I dont know what your watching. Chris is no where near a Apple fanboy. I think people like you and Armando think that because he’s not shy about pointing out issues with android. Chris is actually the most honest and neutral reviewer on youtube. His opinions are based in fact not fanboy-ism. The fact is most tech reviews on youtube praise every android device without being honest and pointing out he flaws. Just because his view on tech doesnt line up with yours doesnt mean hes a Apple fanboy. iOS 7 is far from perfect but no where near crappy and sluggish. When you think about it this is a whole new OS and iOS 6 was just adding features but mostly the same. iOS 7 JUST came out. Apple needs time to word out the kinks . Again iOS 7 IS NOT PERFECT BY ANY MEANS but not crap either.

        • That_guy!

          Apple used to pride itself on not releasing a product of any kind until it was perfect and glitch free (when Jobs was alive) so you making excuses for iOS 7’s flaws shows your true fanboyism ignorance.

          Also at no point in my reply to you did I bring up Apple vs Android, only what I’ve observed of iOS’s workings and Chris in the very very long time I’ve been ‘following’ his work. Just because you’re a sad troll that has to make everything an X vs Y argument doesn’t mean others are as stupid.

          And to top it off, Armando Used To Be an Apple Fanboy before he switched to Android, AND still uses both meaning he’s as unbiased as it gets and gives 100% Real Honest reviews and opinions based on that. Again, just because you’re a close minded troll doesn’t mean everyone else is.

          • vosg

            Well said sir.

    • John

      Show an article where it says they sold double the amount of 5s to 5! You won’t find one, and they sold double the amount of phones but, they sold double the amount of phones (i.e. they usually only sell one phone). This time they had two phones (5S and 5C) and what they are not telling you is the 5S actually sold less than the 5. They are cannibalizing their own sales.

      • http://www.gorecording.com/ Nicholassss

        From what I understand their current numbers are units shipped to retailers, not actually amount sold to customers.

      • TheBeeNet

        That’s what I’m saying. I thought it was 50/50 of 5s compared to 5c. 9 million sold. Meaning each sold 4.5 million.

  • Niko Bellic

    I’m an Android fanboy too, but I really don’t want Apple to fail. Their phones are way too expensive for me, and I don’t think I’ll ever buy one. But competition is good. I don’t think Android would be were it is today if there weren’t some competition with Apple and their smartphones.

    To be honnest Android is getting too good and it’s getting too much market share, I’m kind of afraid of the future.

  • John Chorley

    I agree completely. Look what happened when the iPhone 4 had those antenna issues, what did Steve Jobs say …. your holding it wrong. Apple need to come out and say “Look we fucked up”.

    Even before iOS 7 I had tons of lag on my unjailbroken iPod touch. Its disgusting really. And lets not forget that if you have a lot of apps you have no choice but to have them all in folders on the home screen which is crap, why can’t Apple implement an “Apps” area like on Android so that you don’t have to worry about a messy homescreen.

  • Robert crockett

    All I can say is change is one thing but total senseless reconstruction of a program and then load it with glaring problems is amazing

  • Robert crockett

    Wow ! lots of steve jobs and others bashing about apple, but no one addressing the new total senseless washed out iOS7 with its goofball glitches and annoying popups. I have two of these phones and will not update the other one to iOS7 !!

  • David Fernandez

    Apple needs to stop bashing other companies by thinking “we are the best, there is no one better than us”. If they’re “the best”, why don’t they prove it? Apple has gone downhill since end of 2011. They CLEARLY need to turn around. If not, they will end up like how they did in the 90’s

  • Francisco Javier D. Rogers

    Apple need to meet with Steve again