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    Great Article

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    Great Article guys :)

  • Joseph Hartzler

    I highly suggest rooting your device first.

    • Clayton Johnson

      Not that I disagree but you should probably expand on why you recommend rooting first. People who(sadly) are skeptical just read an article that mentions how you do not need to root your phone

      • Dave Handler

        I have to agree with you Clayton. I’m tech savy but I really have no need to root my phone.

        Now when the day comes along where I rooting my phone allows me to put a widget on my phone without it clicking to the grid well maybe I’ll think about it.

        I know for my S2 rooting it and putting a different ROM on it will solve my GPS problem. The GPS is horrible on this phone then again I really don’t use the phone to tell me where to go. I have a GPS unit to do that. =)

        Bottom line is .. you don’t really need to root your phone to make it look good, like Clayton said!

  • Sherwyn Gonsalves

    Y u no suggest uccw?

    • brian healy

      UCCW will be in my next tutorial as it can be a bit much to use for people who have never used an Android device before.

    • brian healy

      UCCW will be in my next tutorial as it can be a bit much to use for people who have never used an Android device before.

  • Sherwyn Gonsalves

    Y u no suggest uccw?

  • David Dire

    This site is awesome. Great article.

    • brian healy

      Thank You!

  • http://www.facebook.com/martin.jastram.3 Martin Jastram

    i wonder, why you didn´t mention golauncher. it´s as powerful as nova (at least what you wrote in your article about nova) and it´s free.
    i would love to have some more tutorials for theming like a boss. the existing ones just blew me away

    • brian healy

      Not mentioning one launcher doesn’t mean I don’t support it. I just mentioned some examples.

    • Clayton Johnson

      GO Launcher EX is just as good as any launcher. Its more unified and simple to get what you need of our as everything is there apps, widgets, themes and lockers. I use Nova currently but I’ve also used Apex Launcher and one of the good things about Alex is that i can use GO Launchers themes, lockers, widgets and icon packs

  • Josh Barea

    Great introduction to theming Brian. As a beginner’s guide, you mentioned just the right amount of apps and ideas to help someone get started. It’s silly to expect you to list and link the literally hundreds of worthy apps to this end. I will definitely share this page with a few friends.

  • Mesha Michael Savio

    I’m loving this site. As an admitted Android fanboy for about 3 years, it has almost everything that I like and want to see, all in one organized website. Great job guys, you’re on my G+ circles too!

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    This is a great piece, well written and very informative to beginners.

    Loving the site and the content, thanks for the great work.

  • junior02

    is there a link to the star wars trooper theme? the second one on the example .

    • brian healy

      Its rather simple. The clock is Bob clock d3, the agenda widget at the bottom and the calendar on the right (if you can see that) are Zooper widgets and I used minimilistic text for the button at the bottom. The wallpaper can be found in a google image search

  • Umar

    Thanks for this awesome article BRIAN..!! How is my homescreen now:
    And please, can u tell me how to customize lockscreens..!!! (without widgetsoid)

  • Michael Domingo

    I think you guys should try to pair with MyColorScreen to create a really huge Customizing Community!