• http://www.facebook.com/v0ss1 Marco Vosswinkel

    Can u make screenshots from all ur screens and every theme to upload it, so we can have the same homescreen as u have

    • Brian Healy

      do you mean the background?

    • brian healy

      do you mean the wallpapers?

      • kareem ayman

        I think he meant screen shots to be used as guidelines to realize exactly the same layout as Armando

  • Samuel SKABA

    Running Ubuntu Boss right now, I put my modifications, and it’s Awesome ! I learn so much by watching your videos ! Now when one of my friend sees my phone, he just go “WOW, dude, this is so sweet”
    Now the phone works just like I need !

  • Umar

    I have a problem, “How to theme your android like a mega boss” doen’t work on NEXUS 4, the wall paper doen’t fit on my screen, and it would cut at the bottom, Armando or Brian can u help me??

  • Guest

    Home Screen – Edit Mode:
    Can’t add new screens
    Edit zone is small which can be easily blocked by a hand
    Deleting or moving apps on to home screen is precise operation & cognitive high cost

    Emotion UI:
    Large editing zone improving operational accuracy
    Application/ Widget deletion is optimized
    Clear and intuitive navigation between screens, easy to understand, easy to operate
    With mobile applications it’s easy to add new screens
    Drag application to move the position directly

    Emotion UI is just not what you see, but it’s how it makes you feel.
    Does Emotion UI brings to you a better Home screen than Jellybean ?