• wicked4u2c

    Great article, thanks for your post.

    • Alex Condie

      no problem. thanks for posting it. =)

  • Holmezboy0116

    I wouldn’t say its gimmicky. What if your hands are dirty or wet… Like you’re or something and trying to read a recipe in an email and need to scroll up. The air gestures would come in handy because you wouldn’t want to touch your expensive device with gross hands.

    • EeZeEpEe

      This is about Air View. Air Gestures is similar but still different.

  • EeZeEpEe

    Weblinks and scrolling through videos is very helpful. I think for photos it would be even better if it would scroll through the album similar to how mousing over an event in iPhoto does it. There’s definitely potential in Air View but it’s just untouched and needs the universality you mention it’s missing.

  • Austin Pseudonymous

    A lot of people don’t realize that if you hold and drag down on a hover menu on Android, the menu will pop up. This has worked for me on all my Android handsets in the past.

    • Alex Condie

      have to dismiss the pop up menu though. not as convenient.

      • Austinfacts

        Not necessarily. You don’t have to hold down on it for that long. Just grab and drag down. Loved the article.

  • Dominik Reichert

    Dudes the Xperia sola already had this one year ago, with the exception that it was limited to the web browser. Anyway the new xperia sp also supports it. It would be really great if google integrates it system wide.

    • Chris Gran

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing when I read this article. Great article, but we can see how influential Samsung’s marketing strategies are. There are a lot of already existing features that they will find, refine, and brand their name onto. Clever.

      • Alex Johnen

        They always did :D But i guess it’s ok. I mean, image the inventor of the wheel would’ve taken a patent (:D) on it and forbid others to use it. And if someone took a piece of white bread and called it toast, it still was a piece of white bread…

        what i want to say is, i think it is totally ok to take these inventions and make it better. that’s good for us and for the general progress.
        to pretend that they invented it is a different topic… don’t know if i like it, but for the market strategy, what sounds better:

        This totally new feature we created
        This feature we took from another company and made it better

  • http://twitter.com/alectprasad alectprasad

    iOS solved the navigation bar problem ages ago. Tap on a section and it shows the drop down menu.

    • Mathias Lindberg

      There aren’t any drop down menus on iOS. There’s a menu that can pop-up from the bottom and there’s alerts.

    • Alex Condie

      yep. one of my very few android complaints. the work around is to long press on the navi bar, and then dismiss the menu that pops up. inconvenient.

      • Kevin Verdesca

        there is an easier way to do it on android. its kid of hard to explain, but you basically touch and drag down the section and it shows the drop down menu.

  • Andreas

    I am a Windows UI developer. One thing not many people seem to realize is that MouseOver is a very important event on computer applications and its completely missing from touch screens.
    This is one of the biggest problems when you try to port an old school “rich client” to any touch device.
    How often did you guys see a button in an App and were wondering what it does? A tool-tip explaining the function would be the usual way to go. Instead, you need to click and see what happens or check the manual.
    Air View is basically a mouse over effect for touch devices.
    Don’t make the mistake to reduce it just to a “gimmik” or a way to solve the navigator problem. It’s an important tool for UI developers and always has been.

    • Mathias Lindberg

      It could be a problem in some applications though. If you have a menu item at the top of the screen, you can’t show much about it if people have their finger hovering over it and covering the screen at the same time.

    • Alex Condie

      Exactly what I’m trying to state in the article. :)

      • Andreas

        :) Yepp. Just wanted to add my 2cent ;).
        Great article btw!

    • kam hagh

      first think i tought after this it can be extremely useful even for browsing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nisarg-Kolhe/100000110779475 Nisarg Kolhe

    Air View on my Galaxy Note actually does those highlighting and jQuery features you mentioned on stock browser, not sure if it works with Chrome also though…

  • Mikesphoneandtab

    I really see the practicality of this when you are eating and your hands are dirty. Especially in the browser. I just wish that Samsung could release these APIs and developers could make their app compatible with it. Think about it. Smart Scroll on every app. That would be sick!

    • Chris Gran

      Yeah, if only Samsung would release these API’s…

  • Alan Hampton

    This advancement is similar to cut, copy and paste being introduced to the phone world. It may very well be a change in the direction of smartphone advancement on a level that is deeper than any change just a new feature can bring. This is an upgrade to the physical functionality of a phone.

  • Mathias Lindberg

    The reason why tablets can be so much faster than traditional desktops, is because you don’t have to drag your mouse to where you want it, you just have to move your finger slightly and you’re there. The problem though is that your finger doesn’t have a left or a right side. Air View would make for an awesome addition in Android, and I’d love to see what Google would do with Air View.

  • Rob Mellor

    Nice take on it. I agree and think you’ve seen into the future here.

  • Krastan D

    yea i hope samsung doesnt keep it all to itself

  • MrDayOff

    Yep, that’s why i love my Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet with the stylus!

    Also can draw very nice with it in layers, even better then on a PC :-)

    I’m sure much people don’t even know what the stylus is capable off!

    Let’s hope that also other devices will get a stylus in the future.

    • Explorer

      “I’m sure much people don’t even know what the stylus is capable off!”

      Especially if you have a Dagi Stylus! That thing is just awesome!

  • Raisona

    Far out guys. The articles here open my eyes to another world. Cheers!

  • Felonious Drunk


    Air view means I can use the Web like I would on a PC..

    A bit jelly that S4 users got it without the s pen though.

  • schepty

    Soooo, i ve noticed that when I connect bluetooth mouse to my s4 i doese have cursor and it works as PC cursor, so meybe someone would just make an app that will trick android phon into thinking air view is bluetooth mouse? :D