• Mikesphoneandtab

    For me it’s a little different. I actually used to use Mighty Text. The UI was horrible and like you said, I had to end up deleting the message and sending it manually because the message got stuck in limbo, completely defeating the purpose of why I got the app. I since then have been using Airdroid for Desktop texting and using Tablet Talk for tablet texting. It looks like the UI on Mighty Text has gotten a lot better, they may have also fixed the frequency of how often the messages get stuck in limbo, however, the thought of not all the messages going through and having to manually sends them really turns me off to the idea.

  • wicked4u2c

    Brian, I’m surprised you didn’t know about Mighty Text. I thought you watched all of my videos? ;) http://youtu.be/0Rqusmpdx5U Just kidding, I stopped using Mighty Text for 2 reasons. #1 as you stated the messages stuck in limbo, this was a huge problem before. I’m not sure how much it has improved. But the biggest reason I left was because it destroyed my battery. This thing is a battery hog, not sure how it is now but even a few months ago it was really bad.

    • brian healy

      You just have so much information on your channel, its hard for me to soak it all in :p

  • ryancooper73

    I use AirDroid for desktop and Tablet Talk because there are the most reliable I ever used.

  • L CM

    I was recently turned to Mighty Text by my co-worker. I used it quite frequently, especially now that I have unlimited everything, including ice cream (jk), with Tmobile’s new plans. Today, as a matter of fact, I noticed that one of my text messages didn’t reach its intended recipient. Other than this one incident, I’m happy with it.

    • Keandre Espina

      I wish mobile carriers have plans that include ice cream. Doesn’t have to be unlimited just add it there.

  • Peter Weber

    The one that I really use a lot is DeskSMS It works great. I tried Mighty Text but it didn’t always work for me. I am going to check out Tablet Talk to see how it compares.

    • punjee17

      Check on Tablet Talk , and see for yourself how it works. It is actually perfect for your everday use. :)

  • Klaus Peuntner

    it was nice if there was something like that for whatsapp. Since the devs included the phone number check I cannot use a copy of whatsapp on my nexus 7.

    calling the app devs.. that’s an idea, men ;)

  • Jan Košumberský

    If u´re still looking for some good desktop managing app for ur phone, try SnapPea. I´m using it for a long time and I´m totally fine with it. It offers many features e.g. photos/vids/apps administration and stuff like that (including that messaging ofc). Only thing is that u probbably can´t do this from ur tablet :X but still, doing this from desktop is much better. Looking forward for a feedback ;-)

  • punjee17

    One thing is for sure then, Tablet Talk won’t get you stuck in limbo. :) Uninstalling your Tablet Talk is a waste of money. You paid for a reliable app, so why choose an app that couldn’t assure your convenience? Convenience man, convenience. If it gets you to problems on sending messages, I wouldn’t believe Mighty Text would be superior to Tablet Talk. One important thing about SMS app, is it should be able to send your messages without encountering any problems. If you’re app causes you to hang up, then it’s time to think of replacing your app and reinstall Tablet Talk.

  • Mike

    MightyText is collecting your messages and contacts, there are always
    catches these days so not much is free LOL. I have tried them all and Tablet
    Talk still has way more stuff so they still have my vote.

  • http://www.fotoallerlei.com/ Markus Ressel

    I’m using Mighty Text for a while now (on Nexus 10, Galaxy Nexus and Chrome on PC) and I love it. I’ve never had any battery issues at all, as well as no stuck messages. Love to get my banking pins in a popup on my PC now instead of grabbing my phone (even though it might be a security issue), also a quick reply to my dad is done in seconds without even moving my hands of my keyboard.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003478204519 Facebook User

    How about our app PhoneLeash? SMS to _any_ email – yes, even to your tablet’s email client! Or to a second phone? Or switch between one and the other (remotely)!

  • Joi Aldridge

    I used Mighty Text and uninstalled it because of the same reasons mentioned by everyone else. Stuck in limbo….as well as all of my contacts didn’t sync over and whenever I initiated a conversation, the photo and contact info would not come over until I logged back into my notebook computer. I didn’t like that. And the fact that the text are not sent in real time. I love the fact that Tablet Talk pushes the text immediately. It sycs ALL of my contacts and works on Wifi nicely. I did notice that the Tablet Talk, while in Bluetooth mode eats up a lot of battery. So, I keep it on wifi and use Bluetooth only when needed. For me I like the feel of Tablet Talk better. It allows me to input my hearts and stars, etc. and the look is clean. I wish they had more color options other than the grey and yellow. But not a deal breaker. I’m very satisfied with Tablet Talk over Mighty Text. I’ll be checking out Airdroid for my notebook, as I reading one of the users likes it. So, I’ll check that one out.

  • http://www.aphrodizzy.com/ elDragonata

    I am, for one, glad to have found this article and its discussion as I was curious to know ideal replacements for MightyText. I’ve been using MT for over two years now and currently using it on Sony Xperia Z (both phone and tablet forms). In its early days, it used to work well but more recently, I’ve been embroiled in the infamous ‘Hanging Game’ with the app on all my devices. It’s approached the point where it won’t even bother sending messages, unless I uninstall it totally from my desktop and devices. reinstall it and then authorise it with my Google account. I can’t keep doing that on a practically daily basis.

    Furthermore, most of the time it doesn’t send messages if my lock screen is active, which I find a strange jeopardisation to security. It’s a shame. Nice UI and idea aside, the app keeps asking me to go Pro. I would’ve considered it but the tiresome glitchiness engrained in the whole experience has made me decide otherwise – now to the point of removing it totally.

    Based on the recommendations here, I’ll try out AirDroid and Tablet Talk and see how they go. Thanks for the suggestions.