• http://twitter.com/nimbug Damir Franc

    Touchwiz maybe innovative but it still looks like it’s designed by a bunch of kids. It looks cheap as their hardware

    • Abhisshack D

      Yap, it also has less customization, can’t modify it in very deep level , like i can do it in AOKP

      • http://twitter.com/nimbug Damir Franc

        Exactly, aokp has so many tweaks and options touchwiz can only dream about. But for the mainstream user it does its job more than good enough for sure

    • mtxx 11

      you can theme your touch wiz rom to have the halo theme.

      but you can never mod your aosp rom to have ALL tw hardware and software features.
      cyanogen known issue for samsung phone: hdmi will not work, and it never will

      • http://twitter.com/salilmulay Salil Mulay

        Known CM issues are not CM’s fault. It is because Samsung doesn’t release proper documentation and source codes at right times. It is not always possible to reverse engineer TW binaries and integrate into AOSP.

        • rohail6

          That’s great, but it is what it is.

  • Gabriel Ben-harosh Hasson

    I can think of other reasons why Touchwiz is problematic.

    I would like to distict between Samsung features and the Touchwiz UI.
    I’m using a Note II and I love it, it’s a great device and the Samsung features you mentioned are great but the UI is badly designed, for example, the Note II has a 5.5″ display but Touchwiz grid is only 4×4, why?

    • Mikesphoneandtab

      Now that is logic I can get behind. However I wouldn’t blame Touchwiz for that but the optimization Samsung should have made for that particular phone. I use the Note by the way and I did notice this when I first got it, however it hardly say a day with Nova Launcher Prime on it so I never had much time to soak that problem in.

    • Zachary Kenneth Grant

      It’s because anything more than 4×4 wouldn’t be pleasing to the eyes and look cultured and overwhelming eventually leading to headaches. Plus you can always download a launcher

      • West

        then leave it open as an option. if people want headaches, its their CHOICE.

  • http://www.dsaif.com/ Saif

    I don’t mind extra features and UI customization if they don’t interfere with update process.

    • wicked4u2c

      Interesting thought, perhaps if companies updated at the same time or within a few weeks of AOSP, Manufacturer skins wouldn’t be as bad. It becomes a battle of what features work best for you without sacrificing updates. Thanks for commenting :)

      • beko

        Maybe people like cyanogen roms because it has more features than aosp and it’s updated in less time than the roms with touchwizz or sense

      • Simon T

        Not to mention, when they do eventually get updated they still look like the previous version. IMO Touchwhiz looks more like GB than JB.

        Getting a manufacturer to do a ROM is like getting your dentist to modify your car… it may work out but a mechanic would have done better.

  • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

    Most of the hate has its roots in the dodgy performance of OEM ROMs and the crapware baked into /system/apps. That hate was not misplaced at all. TW really only got good at performance since the S3 and Sense only got to pure Android performance levels with Sense 5 (HTC One). What earned custom ROMs their name was the performance boost they brought along with a lot of fixes to the shitty OEM ROMs. For most people (enthusiasts), Android means freedom and they obviously HATE it when that freedom is crippled by OEMs. Also, Touchwiz, in particular, looked horrible prior to the S2.


    I agree. I’ve never been into ROMing, as no matter how good some ROMs may be, they are full of bugs and glitches. It’s actually annoying how people brag about ROM after ROM, but do their best to ignore all the flaws. Perhaps with one ROM, you’re camera’s flash doesn’t work. Perhaps with another, You sacrifice something else.

    Not one single ROM is complete, dare I say? Yes. I dare.

    Then again, I was looking into ROMs from the EARLY days. Back when they were horrid and actually reminded me of mid. 90s webpages.

    Until ROM Devs. can make ROMs that look and work as clean as something more like big-mobile-company-stock, WITHOUT sacrificing things, I’ll stay away.

    As of now, everyone ROMs for bragging rights.

    EDIT: Don’t get me wrong. There are some beautiful ROMs out there.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Downes/100001811702298 Gary Downes

      I agree… Whilst I always unlock the bootloader and “Root” my Android devices, I make sure to always backup the stock ROM.. Why? For the exact reasons you mentioned. Yes is nice to flash a different ROM that has the latest updates etc, however there is always bugs and glitches that frustrated the hell out of me. I was on the same bandwagon when it came to TW. I hated it on my Galaxy Tab P1000. However all that changed when I got the GS3. A stable ROM that didn’t crash all the time or the camera closed every time the flash went (this happened on a custom ROM I flashed on my Galaxy Nexus) that had all the bells and whistles I wanted! Now I have the Note 2 and I LOVE TW. Although I’m pretty spoiled as I have the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 when it comes to stock Android… The point is, TW is stable and everything works flawlessly, unlike the “hit and miss” you get when you download and flash a custom ROM.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-McMurdo/728490462 Josh McMurdo

    i have a gs3, i run stock touchwiz, i also use nova launcher to get the classic jellybean look and feel, so i have the amazing features of touchwiz, but the PURE SEXINESS that is JB

    • Mikesphoneandtab

      I think a launcher is good enough to cover up most of the ugly parts of bloatware while letting you keep the features you want.

      • LAKAME

        Yeah, but you still don’t have the AOSP lockscreen. Sure, you have WidgetLocker, but it’s not the same.

        • Mikesphoneandtab

          I like the Touchwiz lockscreen so I have no reason to change it.

          • LAKAME

            Yeah, I know. It’s a matter of opinion. I on the other hand hate the TouchWiz lockscreen :D

          • Mikesphoneandtab

            I understand bro. I tell you what, I really do like the stock 4.2 lockscreen. I have an Asus Transformer Infinity that is Vanilla 4.2 and the lockscreen widgets are awesome. I just wish there were a way to get that cool water effect on it.

          • LAKAME

            Yeah, the ripple effect is really cool. It makes you feel good :D

          • rabyunghwa

            im just wondering why you bought a samsung phone in the first place if you hate TW so much? Am i just too dull to understand the logic?

  • luis ramirez

    I feel the same way. touchwiz is great every time I use another android skin or even vanilla android I just feel like, it missed some key features I had on any of my galaxy devices I just wish samsung hires a few good designer and take away the blueish that plagues touchwiz. I just wanna have the choice to change that color without giving up on all the other features.

  • http://gplus.to/bdbplatano M. Puente

    I think bloatware and carrier “influence” not found on Nexii has something to do with it too. As well as features that are not excluded from most non-stock android phones (i.e. Google Wallet, built-in tethering)

  • Bharath Kannan

    Honestly I wish all these skins were offered as launchers. The device will come with the “touchwiz launcher” pre-installed but users will have the option to remove it and return to android. This would also make updating android phones a heck of a lot easier. Manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC would be able to immediately update the “non-skinned” portion of the phone for people who do not want to use the skins and customers would not have to wait for them to change their skins to accommodate the new versions of android.

    However, I do not believe such an event will ever occur. Even though the android community does have a lot of “geeks”, the proportion of geeks is steadily decreasing. The average consumer is starting to realize the power of android. The Android community was once filled with tech nerds but phones such as the GS3 have shown that android is ready for anyone. Because of this, manufacturers will find that splitting their experience into two, one with skins and one without, will only confuse said average consumer. However unfortunate this is, it is the truth and I do see the logic behind it. My only hope lies within the developer community and hopefully we may soon have the ability to run more than one ROM on a phone.

    • CyBrix_21

      Yes… That’s what I want also…

    • chris

      nexus version of GS4 just was announced!!! good call

    • Sajel Saxena

      Nexus 4 from google supports Ubuntu touch, which is completely different source from android. So we do have more than one ROM for a phone !

    • Abrar Amin

      They did this with Chrome. Every manufacturers included the Chrome browser along with their own Internet Browser. Maybe they should do the same thing with Launchers. Perhaps when an average Joe buys a Galaxy S4 it will boot up and have TouchWiz as the default Launcher, However it will also come with the Google Now Launcher pre installed. Same goes out to all other manufacturers- Sony, Motorola, HTC, LG, etc. If they did it with Chrome they can do the same hopefully with the Google Now Launcher.

    • West

      actually this is nuts.

      stock android doesn’t even allow you to set a custom ringtone. the integration is done by the OEM.

      a LOT of software work goes on in the OEM side. most android nuts are just too blind to see the inherent advantage of a built-in ready-to-use system.

      stock aosp android is barely useable. google powered android is not naturally customizable (you need to get apps for that). OEM android comes with everything ready for you.

    • NnifWald

      Good idea, except skins aren’t just launchers. They also change the look of the notification area, settings menu, system icons, and more, things which can’t be changed without a custom rom or xposed modules. Android is more than just a launcher and some apps.

  • Kyle Polansky

    The phone manufactures should make it very easy to install stock Android. Even if the phone comes with preloaded software or custom skins, either a setting, or a new rom download should eliminate all the extra software.

    Even better, have each feature as it’s own package, and let users decide which features they like and which ones they don’t.

  • http://twitter.com/salilmulay Salil Mulay

    Touchwiz always gets blamed for bulky user interface. But we should also understand that these overlays are more than just UI changes. They offer a vast variety of features, both at software and at device driver level. For example, camera on S3 or Note 2 is better than Nexus 4. With so many practical features such as low light mode, slow/fast motion video recording, I think it stands above any Nexus camera anytime.

    For advanced users, OEMs can make touchwiz just a theme in the form of a user app, instead of its deep integration with the system libraries. That way, stock google experience will be just a few touches away.

    • Mikesphoneandtab

      Agreed. However, I do think Samsung should consolidate what apps they do put on their device. They should bake in the best features deeper so they work more smoothly and are integrates with the phone more completely. They should also leave out anything that isn’t as used or as good (Like ChatOn). I do think you have to draw the line somewhere.


    I hate skins because I prefer Holo UI over any other skin. And it’s because of the skins that non-Nexus devices don’t get updated quickly.

  • RarestName

    Is there something like Cydia for Android? For example, if I want the raise to call, I can just install a package or something. So that there is no need for flashing or whatever that’s called. Thanks.

  • Mikesphoneandtab

    “Touchwiz”, say that word in front of most hard-core Android enthusiasts and they will slay you.

    This is the only part of the article I don’t agree with. Why? I consider myself a hardcore Android enthusiast and I like Touchwiz. I don’t think stock is perfection and I don’t care for flashing ROMs. There are 2 types of Android enthusiast. One who believes that the beauty in Android lies in the options you are able to make through customization and one who believes that the beauty is the choice you have in the market because Android is open source.

    I look at it this way. It’s all apart of Android. All of the variants. The good and the bad. Manufacturers like Samsung add features that stock Android with as many updates as it will get (Nexus or whatever) will never have. I can wait for my S4 to have Smart Stay AND Photosphere or I can get a Nexus and have Photosphere now. There are so many options in the market that I feel the very purist thinking that some “Android Enthusiast” promote is why I wouldn’t touch Apple with a 10 foot pole. Sure there are S features that come with Touchwiz but at least Android isn’t the sPhone and it’s not the only choice. It’s not like there isn’t an HTC, LG, Motorola, and I didn’t have a choice to by a different Android device. I had the choice before I bought it.

    Finally. As far as the inherent beauty of Touchwiz. That is strictly opinion because function is beauty in my eyes. Once again leading me back to the idea that Android Purism is just a hypocritical alternative to Apple’s Purism.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jakub.licko959 Jakub Bob Ličko

    i personally really like the new htc sense 5.0

  • alien45

    Manufacturers will have to release their skins/launchers in the play store so that everyone can buy and replace it. That’s the only way they can overcome the hatred.

  • Peter Fabian

    I think it would help if the functionality side of TouchWiz was detached from looks. Personally, I hate how TW looks.
    Meanwhile, I like the looks of CM or Vanilla. But I would also like to have some functionality, like the mentioned SMS/Dial or silencing by putting the phone face down. Ideally, I would pay a reasonable sum to have it on a different device that I like more in terms of design (I consider Samsungs ugly) or internal hardware.

  • Amith Kallupalam

    I hate touchwiz because of its cheesy theme and launcher. Holo/Stock android has that classy, premium look, while touchwiz looks like crap. And I never use any of those Touchwiz features. They may sound very fun at first, but after a few days you’ll go back!

    • Monique de Boer

      Are you serious, or am I the only one who dislikes the plain Android ‘Holo’ look.
      I don’t think it’s premium by any means. I am always looking for ways to make my Galaxy Nexus look more interesting than ‘naked’ Android.
      And I like Android for its ability to put different launchers on it but it just looks too boring for me.

      • http://www.chaneljibal.com/ Chanel Jibal

        I left iphone 5 for gs4 and I too this ios is more premium looking.

      • theonlylolking

        Polished? Refined? No, if you do not like the look then just change it. That is what makes Android better than the others. If you do not like the default look with your phone then make it to how you want it to look. People have even made their Androids look and feel like iOS. You do not need to buy an iPhone to get that iOS feel and look.

      • Zachary Kenneth Grant

        With holo I fell like it’s always screaming customize me and no matter what I do I still don’t feel satisfied with what I get. It’s too raw material like to me

  • http://twitter.com/hiazhar azhar islam

    i agree and i like touch wiz its a very good skin on andriod and your are right . samsung knows that not all people want to root your put roms . some people want a good skin right out of the box

  • Barry Ward

    Touchwiz……..huhhhhhhhh I just barfed

  • John Chorley

    TouchWhiz wasn’t that great on the Galaxy S2, but on the Note 2 its a lot better, but still I’d like to have the choice when it comes to customisation.

  • TrinNY

    An option to select features or just skip the skin completely would be nice, but that would never happen. However I think the reason we really dislike them is that we feel they are the reason why Android updates take so long to be released.

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    I have tried on my HTC variety of Android Skins(AOSP, HTC Sense, and even Touchwiz Nature UX). I don’t like TouchWiz, because it is pretty much like the AOSP, but with more features, but it doesn’t look as good, as HTC Sense for me. So I’m living with HTC Sense, and will continue to live with it. But to be honest, I would like to have a skin, which is as beautiful as HTC Sense, has as many features as TouchWiz and is as lightweight as the AOSP.

  • Tiago Azevedo

    I believe the great issue is that manufacturers sacrifice fast updates because of their skins, such as TouchWiz, HTC Sense or Motoblur. I believe if those companies would update their devices faster (with some weeks of difference after AOSP release), geeks wouldn’t mind about those skins. Truth is, I own a Galaxy Nexus because I want fast updates. If Samsung or HTC would update faster, I would consider buying a devices from them.

  • oliver mcghee

    There is nothing wrong with Touchwiz. I have been rockin with android since the beginning… I have had Motorola, HTC, S3, Now I’m rocking the Note 2. The last two are the only ones I have not rooted. WHY!? What ROM is going to give me more features? That’s what I thought. #TeamAndroid #TeamSamsung #TeamTouchWiz

  • Reinaldo Cruz

    I’m sense fan I don’t understand the buzz about it. Sense is well design and nice finish. I’d say touchwiz is the second best Rom … It’s not bad either

  • Joseph Hartzler

    I love touchwiz, its probably the best skin out of all of em (sense, blur…). Well designed, with cool apps and features. I rooted my phone and have the Blackstar rom which is based on touchwiz with more customizable features (such as the notifications bar, and alot lot more).

  • http://twitter.com/ChochiWpg ChochiWpg

    The issue with manufacturer skins and especially TouchWiz is all the bloatware that comes along with it. Yes TouchWiz has some extra “features” that you don’t get on an AOSP based ROM or stock Google factory image. But a lot of those features are gimmicky and just take up space on the device. Plus Touchwiz comes shipped with a tonne of Samsung bloat that you won’t use anyway that slows down your device and makes it lag. That’s why I like AOSP and stock Google ROMs. It fast, clean, simple and you only get the Google apps that come with the phone and that is it. No extras that will only take up space and slow down your device. My wife has a Galaxy S 3, great phone, but my goodness does it lag compared to my Nexus 4. Annoyingly so actually.

  • Betelgeuse

    here in italy unfortunately maybe just a 5% of the android users know what a rom is… lots of them (more than 5% but still a few) do not even bother to change launcher!!
    how’s the situation in US?

  • http://urban-scholar.com/ LaRosa Johnson

    What I don’t get is that Google has finally done enough to make the stock version of Android look and operate so smoothly, why wouldn’t developers want users to see it? The only way to get a pure Android experience as Google intended it is to buy a Nexus device, which means that most Android users never get to experience Android as Google intended for them to do.

    While I get that some of this sparks innovation & differentiation among manufacturers & devices, but does of any of this really help the consumer in the end?

    Personally, I’ve only ever owned stock Android devices (G1, G2, Galaxy Nexus), but my friends are always running an Android phone with some kind of other UI with which they always end up getting frustrated with. Then I get frustrated trying to help them because a setting has been removed or isn’t where I thought it would be.

    All of these UIs should be launchers that go over the stock Android OS that can be easily removed by a user if they choose. That’s my $0.02.

  • Mike Barker

    While many features are nice it seems to me that the tweaks and extras are a battery drain and data hog in some cases. Why doesn’t Samsung just make these a paid download on the market and release a vanilla version of android by default?

    • Toha

      Average Joe dont read and visit such web pages as this one. Samsung did a bulls eye with their setup and making a loooot of monay, with your suggestion they would be just one fish in the big sea.

  • Mike123

    Great article!

  • Doug Carey

    The primary gripes I hear about Touchwiz are 1) Bloat 2) artwork, and 3) low build quality. These “problems” wouldn’t be especially irritating if you could remove the foistware and change the appearance of the UI. If you think about it, Apple products (and Nexus devices) don’t contend with these issues: the UI looks decent (though obviously not as georgeous as some custom Android skins I’ve seen), and the carriers/manufacturer don’t heap a ton of garbage. It’s one of the few advantages left to iOS in the mobile ecosystem.

  • Andre rh Rebske Hoppe

    guys i have a galaxy note (yes the first one) and i have tested a lot of custom roms and what i can say is that dobt matter the kernel or the rom that u r runing on your galaxy note, if it is a AOSP based rom the camera will be terrible and the animations loock strange its like if in some parts of the screen some frames are droped but in some other it is normal.(my english is reaaly bad…)

  • Guy De Vos

    I happen to like TW. While I always root my Samsung devices, I keep to stock ROM. Rooting just to get rid of some bloat…

    • Toha

      Amen to that!

  • Peter Chu

    Android is known for their highly customizable software and they should let the users (power users) get the option of choosing the rom of their choice.
    I mean c’mon it’s already on such a highly customizable software and there are lot of skilled modder that i think can put this idea into work.

  • Luke Psaila

    What Samsung need to do is offer an option to choose between TouchWiz or the stock interface. That would be the perfect balance.

  • Toha

    I am not a geek like Armando ;-) but in my enviroment I am a geek. I use touchwiz, nothin wrong with it. Doing the job that suits the mass of people. In my country people say you shouldn’t argue about what people like, we are after all different and still you have 1 OS that suits us all :—) well almost all, not counting sheep people hehe. Ok I have another phone with CM to play with….you need customisation, just install a new launcher. Yes updateis are slow, but do you need all features and do you use them? Mainly I like updates for stability and in case of Samsung I think they do good enough. Good for all geeks is that you still have options, you have CM and other and not to forget Nexus series. Stop complaining on Samsung.

    I don’t work for Samsung.

  • http://twitter.com/edvino Edvin Ørbog

    I used to have the S3, now I have Nexus 4. Over time I turned off more and more off the innovative Touchwiz stuff. I tried to change as much of it as possible. Even downloaded Google cal, because the samsung one was a mess designwise. Compared to stock android, touchwiz looks like it has been shat out of colorful shit. The clean and minimalistic 4.2.2 ui is so much more appealing. Even if I lose some cool gimmicky effects, its worth it. Btw. I’m going to miss swipe left and right on a contact to sms or call. That was brilliant. Should be added to stock android.

  • Joe Avery

    My feelings still stand. Samsung should make TWlauncher removable and put it on the market just as Share cast and a few other of their Samsung only apps are. For the apps like smart stay, they have invested the time to make the app, why not then sell it for $4.99 on the app store. I’ve used a lot of similar apps, even paid for some but non seemed to actually work.

    BTW nice article.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicolai.hansen.5496 Nicolai Hansen

    if samsung would have paied attention to the look and feel of TouchWiz it would have been more succesfull. Look at the toggels in the Notification bar they are green and dose not fit anything ells in thermes of color. i have the note 2 and i love the feature set it has but im running AKOP rom because i hate the look of samsung’s firmware. and a laucher is not enought to fix it. a compleate new Framework would do it. alos im not blind so i dont need my phone to run at 320 DPI on a 5.5 inch screen. thats why im not on stock firmware.

  • Chris Gran

    The reason i have a hard time totally selling out to touch wiz is that it feels cluttered. There are way to many features on the software that are rather use less and most people forget there even there. Touch wiz has had some pretty innovative features, one being their multi tasking. I dont know why this doesn’t get more attention from writers. The ability to have more than one app on your screen at a time is huge. And the lap top era was the shining beacon of tru functionality with this feature. Sure there are ways you can do it in native android with floating browsers and what not, but its must not the same. Props to Samsung.

  • Chris Gran

    I fear that they will become the company that releases to many features so they can stand out. Features that are again useless to the average user. Their proximity wave isn’t innovative, there have been apps on the play store that provide this kind of functionality. Samsung just branded there own version. And the way they want us to take pictures with the person taking the picture is just laughable, and a picture app that provides cropping can do that for you, and it looks SILLY lol. I want to see them slow down with their engineering and provide some awesome ideas that are solid in functionality. Google on the other hand is innovating, sometimes it is difficult to see without an open mind. But just wait till we see android in our homes and appliances, and Google glass allowing augmented reality to shine as a standard. Innovate.

  • Chris Gran

    Fiber! Cloud! Gotta love it

  • Chris Gran

    Where did my post go…

  • Ajit Beeki

    Touchwiz looks a lot better than sense though my problem with all skins is that they hinder the device from performing at its potential. After I flashed cm7, when I had to unroot cause my phone has touchscreen issues with custom roms, the stock sense rom felt so laggy on my htc thunderbolt.

  • RetroGameFanboy

    I hate it mostly because it looks like it was designed for kids with all its colors shoved into it making it horrible compared to CM and vanilla JB’s holo theme which is more elegant.

  • Hady

    i had TW on my gs3 but after flashing stock jellybean (supernexus 4.2.2) i realised why TW sucks … because its soo laggy,i couldnt have more that 2 apps running at the same time now i can actually multitask and have 3-4 apps running at the same time .. everything is so fast, thats why people give up the neat features of TW for stock roms

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bluntedcow Bunny Emmure Bannerman

    I agree with the article, but TouchWiz and Sense are not launchers. They are frameworks patched around Android, and THAT is what I dislike. If it was only for the looks, hell it would be enaugh to just install Nova and that’s it. If you flash CM, AOKP or whatever, you choose to get rid of the whole framework, and not just the look of it. And if you miss any of the features, it only takes a few minutes to go back anyway. ;)

  • http://twitter.com/craig_lambert Craig Lambert

    TW is fine. There are features that are somewhat appealing but honestly they seem to have gotten more gimmicky with the SG4. Any Launcher (Apex is my Launcher of choice) can disguise the overall look of TW, so that’s not a big issue. I personally love the other customizations that AOSP brings. Things that are actually more meaningful to me.

    Everyone is different and has different tastes. For the longest time I ran a TW ROM (Synergy) to have the TW features. I found I wasn’t really using them and installed AOKP, which I was running on my original Incredible before I bought my SG3 nearly a year ago. I haven’t looked back since.

    FWIW, there are knock off Smart Stay apps in the Play Store. I haven’t tried them though but the reviews look promising.

    • http://twitter.com/craig_lambert Craig Lambert

      Also worth mentioning is that the SG4 has soured my taste for Samsung in general. I really don’t care about the gimmicky software features. How much of that stuff do people really use on a daily basis? Very little.

      The event killed my passion for their product. I have no idea what they where thinking and they totally took the cool out of their product. Apple was already at this gimmicky feature stage and I resented them for it. I was saddened to see Samsung get there so quickly.

      Who knows where I will go from here. I’ve always been a big HTC fan (they make great hardware) but I really want / need that removable battery. I’ve still got a year or so on my SG3, so a lot will change before I’m ready to buy another phone. Samsung isn’t totally out of my picture yet. Only time will tell.

  • http://www.facebook.com/isaac.harrison.14 Isaac Harrison

    TW on my Note II works fine for me. The main problem I had was bloat ware, but that was solved with root. I don’t use the S-pen everyday, but when I do it can REALLY come in handy. I like some of the “smart” and “S” features too, and I would miss out on a lot of that if I went with a custom ROM.
    Custom ROMs were great for my old Samsung GS1, but I don’t really see as much advantage using one on the Note II.

  • Hai Long Hoang

    Because TW looks ugly, I like Sony UI so much…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=568927867 Michael Andrew Burke

    if they would put a customization center on the phones with overlays people would buy them and be happy to do so because they could sell it with the overlay by default but make it optional and you could get vanilla android on any phone after you buy it

  • http://www.facebook.com/intruder.eponymos Intruder Eponymos

    Why sacrifice anything like Smart Stay or other gimmicks?
    These are not TW launcher features but phone features.
    I am running Nova launcher Prime on my GNote 2 and I have all these.

    • Gavin Lee

      Smart stay and other features are part of TouchWiz, you are running nova launcher but your ROM is still TouchWiz. If you were to replace TouchWiz with another ROM, cyanogen mod for example, you would lose features like smart stay, and other non-stock android features.

  • http://twitter.com/hodmarks Hod Marks

    If you could choose weather you want a skinned phone or not that would be awesome. Say I loved the s4 camera because it is better than the nexus 4, but I wanted stock Android, I would be able to order my phone like that. If I want all the samsung features, I can just get the normal gs4. Anyone agree? Is it practical?

    • http://twitter.com/hodmarks Hod Marks


  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.vanhelden Thomas Vanhelden

    I think HTC is trying to solve this problem by making a developer’s edition of their HTC One. Enthousiasts can tweak and mod from the first minute they get the phone. Instead of having to wait for an s-off, which took months on their HTC One X.

  • Kendall Cabrera

    I would love it if their source for the framework was available. It would make compiling custom ROMs around the stock ROM easier. Plus, you would be able to at least attempt a stable build that includes the aftermarkets customizations. I don’t think TouchWiz would be as bad if say you could change its dpi to something that gives you back more real estate and minimizes the size of the kiddie stuff. Plus, it would help with the phone updates if they allowed the community to get involved more. They should take a look at how OPPO is handling things.

  • LWC

    Excuse me, but don’t Smart Stay and SMS/Dial only available on Galaxy S III and above? If I have S II, am I better off with Touchwiz?

  • Vikas Valiveti

    Touchwiz just doesn’t match with stock. The smart stuff sounds fun at first but you’ll soon realise it’s useless. Stock looks neat orderly and fast.

  • Matheus Criscuolo

    i have gs4 with nova launcher for me there is no need of cm 10.1, already root and take of some craps. cm 10.1 for me is more in case of galaxy s3 (4.1.2 yet)

  • Vikas Valiveti

    The only thing I like about Touchwiz is its launcher. ‘Touchwiz Home’. The rest makes me feel sick. Like the notification bar, icons, etc. Except the launcher, I totally agree with Damir Franc, Abhisshack and so many other.

  • Lyn Scott

    All those features and specially the apps should be optional and download-bles from Google play or Samsung Store.. by example the Split Window feature is really nice.. or the quick buttons on the notification tray

  • Paul Lea

    You bunch of clowns those people talking about rom changes and how one can alter better than another at the end of the day we are talking about what we bought it for a PHONE,,,,,, if you want to mess around changing rooms buy yourself a computer happy galaxy user

    • papa

      there is no such thing as a happy galaxy user.

    • Kirn Gill

      If we seriously just wanted it for the phone, I’m certain we would have much more likely went for a $20 Nokia that verges of disposable. We buy these devices because we want MIDs/handheld computers that just happen to be able to make phone calls.

  • Blake Fasse

    I actually want to get the HTC One. I like the way its designed, but I want a phone to last longer than the two year contract, because, think about it, there is nothing much more companies can add to their smartphones (ie. GS4). And that is why I will get the GS4, you can remove the battery and expand the memory. And if Google stops updating the GS4, I can download CM on it without having to worry about the camera, or other things not working (ie HTC’s camera relies on Sense to make it better)

  • Sim Kern Cheh

    The problem is that Custom ROMS still respect the efficiency required by the device and does not bloat it will ‘presets’ that will slow down the device significantly.

    On a TouchWiz phone, even a simple tap on the screen has to go down a few layers of touch listeners before it actually reaches the app (at least logcat says that). Recently I chanced upon a Galaxy S4 and it uses 900MB of RAM on boot. ROMS like CM do not do that. At most they probably use a third of that. When talking about efficiency, things like eyeball tracker is the counterthesis to it.

    Also most custom ROMS come default rooted which allows the user to fill in the blanks to their use experience, instead of putting everything in as bloat. TouchWiz is filled with ‘gimmicky’ features, which some are just downright cheap and easy to implement (floating video anyone?). These gimmicky features are insufficient to justify an extra 2-3GB of storage used and more importantly the 600MB of extra RAM consumption. Personally, someone who like gestures should get some gesture control app from the play store that requires root instead, as those are almost fully customizable. They also usually don’t leave more than 10MB of signature.

    In short, Samsung pushes out great hardware, but TouchWiz cheats the user to believe that their hardware is only ‘that much’, like 8GB of remaining storage space and battery that lasts 2 days tops. A simple flash of custom ROMS like AOKP or CM will show the user that their phone can last much longer and have more space.

  • Abhinav

    Meh… I don’t like touchwiz very much. Touchwiz just looks a little bit… cartoony to me, I think it appeals more to the average consumer as this guy said. There are also some things that can’t be changed by installing an app, like the status bar, menus, notifications, etc. I don’t want to void my warranty by rooting and flashing a ROM either.

  • Mj Jugar

    IDK if its an Android problem or a TouchWiz one, but my Galaxy S3 and my previous Galaxy Grand are having this “No Messages” in the Messaging app. This happens every once in a while, requiring a reboot. Honestly its annoying, as phones need to be reliable. Heck, my iPod touch 5G can run 6 months with no reboots, and still smooth as silk.

  • Devon Alexander

    I think the main problem lays with in the everyday customer and not the geeks themselves. When a customer gets an android phone with touchwiz and they move to something like sense or lg’s OEM everything is different from a functionality stand point so people get confused over what’s a samsung feature vs an android feature but with stock you know exactly what your getting.
    Also I think that samsung is so busy releasing mid-range and low end hardware after a major flagship release that they dont take the time to refine touchwiz even while keeping the current look it could be refined alot more and merged alot more with stock so that it doesnt look like a new experience even with their big icons.
    Finally carriers play a big part too, with touchwiz adding so much to android by the time the carrier adds their bloat its overkill and i think that even with the Nexus User experience on the Galaxy S4 an option for a non carrier influenced Touchwiz Galaxy S4 is still desired by many customers (myself included)

  • Benjamin Silverman

    I think that everyone hates the skins because they look like crap. Nobody likes the fact that Android looks great and then a company came along and messed it up. It does not matter if they have cool features if the phone looks like crap. People switch to Cyanogen because it hasn’t been messed up. Phone carriers either need to stop messing up android or they need to offer a way to switch to plain android. Some may say those are the Google Edition phones, but they are not. Those phones are way to pricey, If a company wants a stunner device, they need to have flagship specs on a phone running vanilla Android with frequent updates, with more than 16 gb of space that comes on major carriers WITH A CONTRACT, and a price no more than $200 for the 16 gb model.

  • cebukitty

    I just got the Samsung Note 8. I was a bit disappointed at first coz it had lag/jitter issues which surprised me since the phablet has 4 cores and 2 gbs of ram. I tried tweaking the Touchwiz settings but it still wasn’t smooth. I downloaded the Nova Launcher and without rooting my phone just changed the launcher, and there was a humongous difference in performance gain. Only problem is I can’t use the huge, covers the whole screen calendar widget as well as the Touchwiz clock widget from Nova Launcher but everything else works great :)

  • Ion T

    I personally removed Touchwiz from my phone coz it was hogging up a lot of memory and slowing down my device. but I kept the stock romjust changed the default apps like I removed touchwiz launcher and made the AOSP ICS Launcher a system app and turned that rom into a CWM Flashable zip file.

  • Sajel Saxena

    Google’s Nexus is loved by all. Even though it has basic interface, people love it. So do I. One of the point that you got exactly right was people dont like when they are forced for anything. Nexus is technically “unlocked” which means it is flexible to accept any kind of interface, and even touchwiz and sense can be used on it with different mods avaliable. People use them, all at some time and they get to enjoy every type of interface. Thats what people love. They want the freedom even in the technology they use. And thats the answer to this question of dislike of stock rom

  • Alfred klein

    Cyanogen mod all the way. I have a wave 2 which comes with bada which has some tw elements but not very great. However thanks to the great xda developers I have android on my phone in for of Cyanogen mod. The best thing about Cyanogen mod is that it can be used anyone and not just the mainstream consumers.

  • Ben

    I see what you’re saying, and it may be mostly true about some people, but that’s not the case for me. I don’t like CyanogenMod or any sort of launcher at all: I love stock android. There’s a reason for this, and it’s mainly part of my OCD.

    To me, Google’s design just makes sense – it’s clean, it’s sharp, it’s very formal, and it’s very easy to use. The colors are correctly placed, and everything just looks really cool to me.

    On the other hand, TouchWiz seems cartoony, and the icons really childish. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s definitely part of my OCD. The text on the phone bugs me as much as comic sans would bug other people. The cropping and coloring of things like speech bubbles in the chat app look revolting, the colors misplaced and off as if a child crayon drew them. All of its software – from the camera being really awkward to me, to the app drawer’s placement and look make me hate the launcher so much.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the UI, even though it may be laggy in some cases, it is very functional and nice. The look throws me off SO MUCH that I just can’t stand it.

  • Sociofranco

    TouchWiz lags lags and lags as well as being full of bloat and slows down the phone to a crawl sometimes leaving as much as 60kb of free ram, this is why no geeks likes it.

    • vosg

      I like TW. Just root to get rid of the bloat, and then it’s as fast as stock.

  • VN

    The reason geeks like me hate touchwiz or other OEM skins is they lag; freeze or not intuitive. Even if it was the other way round I would have stayed with CyanogenMod. Your argument is wrong. Many features of touchwiz like the ones you mentioned above do not work reliably often hit and miss which is frustrating.

  • Bakirsaad200

    I am an advanced user and I really like Touchwiz and use 70% of all features found on my Note 3. The only things I don’t like are 1. The design (being optimistic and hoping for a refreshed design with the Galaxy S5, considering that 50% of the R&D section works on Software now.
    2. Optimization : I don’t want to see any lag. The miner lag found on the widgets list, etc. I don’t like to see that. It doesn’t bother me so much. But I am not very happy to see that.

  • Moosa Albanna

    I love touchwiz and how clean it look but i WANT my own custom look, if they least put an option to use icon pack i will stick to it, but for now i will stay with my fav nova launcher pro

  • Alberto Andrade

    Just want to say one thing against touchwiz Samsung rom… they don’t update as CM (or other) does… that’s it. in my opinion Touchwiz is beautiful and elegant… but the rom is full of thing that some people do not use, called bloatware (we can fix it wit root, no problem) but the main point is update, Samsung do not update that’s why people called geek change rom (me include)… but if Samsung update more, I just keep it on my device to enjoy the cool features (as you said) they have…

  • Andrew P.

    TouchWiz is a very heavy, resource intensive skin overtop of Android. It is the many features of TouchWiz (and possibly poor coding as well) that make it so resource intensive.

    CM is stripped down, and on many devices performs better then the stock/factory software.

    If TouchWiz was better coded, looked better (which is very subjective) and it was easier to add or remove features as needed, this would do much to improve what many people think of it.

    No one is saying the features are NOT inovative, because they are. It is just that there are so many and the user interface can be very complex to dig through. The many features (most of which will go unused) are innovative but sometimes don’t work consistantly or are too complex for the average user to get working properly.

    Remember, most consumers are not smartphone (or even Android) fanatics. Most just buy something off the shelf that the salesperson recommends. If TouchWiz would enable features to be added or removed as simply as another app in Google Play store, this would be huge improvement. As it is, TouchWiz more then doubles the storage space required by the pure stock Android base that it builds upon, never mind using a lot more RAM.

    THESE are the reasons that many hate TouchWiz. It is not the lack of innovation, merely the poor execution.

  • Pan Szym

    I think geeks don’t like Touchwiz because of its influence on system’s speed.

  • Jervis Dabreo

    Great post and I agree fully. Although my hatred for Touchwiz is somewhat influenced by my love for Sense, but you’re right, we love options as power users and if you try taking that away from us, we fight back.

  • Alberto Andrade

    I think many people change rom mostly because Samsung doesn’t update devices to latest OS, and not for the TW itself… if it were only because of bloatware in TW, with a simply root and erase of apps we didn’t want in our device could be enough…

  • Björn Lundén

    The thing about all those TouchWiz features is they simply don’t work properly or are useless. Most of them are just gimmicks and nothing more. Also, the skins hide most of the good design elements of later versions of Android in favor of a Gingerbread-style GUI.

  • Brandin Gregory

    I use boost mobile’s sgs3 sph-L710 I didnt realize my son got into my settings playing with credentials Samsung then hit a response with third party apps or other issues with carrier setting as I was playing with the appops and changed a few settings. and now I am having issues due to this I have not wanted to root and I dont want to so I can keep my warranty should I hard reset set? I am having network issues time to time

  • Jordan Zanatta

    It’s not just a matter of choice, it’s a matter of performance. If Touchwiz didn’t perform noticeably slower on some phones, it wouldn’t be as much of a problem. Some people like live wallpapers and things like that, and although they do consume system resources, it’s a choice. With Touchwiz, there is not easy choice, but the performance and battery life of your phone are/can be impacted. For example, my girlfriend updated her Galaxy S2 HD LTE to the OTA JB update that was supposed to make it “run faster, and save battery.” Her phone lagged just trying to scroll through the app drawer. With no official Samsung-endorsed way to downgrade, I had to unlock and root her phone, and luckily found a stock image of the Samsung ICS ROM to bring it back to how it was before the update.

    I’m an Android fan boy, and I run cyanogenmod, but before that I ran Touchwiz for a long time. I didn’t hate it, until I saw my performance/battery life and options on a number of stock ROMs.

  • Pinpointer

    crapogenmod is annoying

  • Daniel Timberwolf

    Honestly I am a hardcore android geek, and I have disliked touchwiz since the days of the Samsung Omnia and eternity devices. Touchwiz was always a synonym of lag and unnecessary bells and whistles (lag no longer being the case because of more powerful CPUs). On a personal side I HATE H U G E UIs that waste space, having a 5.7″ 1080p display with such a pixel density makes it a travesty that the app drawer icon occupies 1/4th of the display. regardless of the crappy built-for-retards-ui-that-on-top-includes-an-easy-mode I love the additions by samsung to the rom like the S-Pen and multi window capabilities that can only be enhanced by rooting. .Needless to say I find air command and smart stay quite useful. .

  • http://vinardozzz-2000.co.nf Vinardo Kie

    TouchWiz is ugly. Stock Google UI is better IMO

    Smart Stay uses your front-facing camera and drains your battery quicker
    I prefer debloated and clean system

    And… I’m a Samsung hater

  • prisoner223

    Been using Touchwiz on my GS3 since 11/1/12, there is nothing wrong with it. People hating just to hate, happens with pretty much everything.

    These are the same sort of people who could find a flaw with the Hope Diamond..

  • Dude

    Ours not because of choice, is because the skinned versions of android are heavy and lag and slow down very early in the phone’s lifetime.

  • Mikey Ynwa Heath

    The icons still feel like gingerbread even running 4.4.4. Ok thus can be changed running a launcher such as solo and yes touch wiz does have some good features. I feel that touch wiz is to in your face, for example, menu, settings omg it’s so complicated. On stock android it’s clean and simple, on touch wiz it’s ugly and the settings are repeated several times. Anyone who’s used cm or a nexus device will agree with me.

    Why Samsung can’t just have Android settings like stock android layout then swipe right for Samsung settings for their touch wiz settings is beyond me.

    Although I live my s5 when I use my girlfriends nexus 4 now running android 5 (my old phone) I miss it so much.

    I just hope Samsung simplify the settings menu on the upcoming L update.